Best Social Distancing Plays – Week 5

The good, the bad, and the downright strange (whilst staying safe).

As we remain socially distant from the game, let us celebrate those who did it best, followed the rules, and played “safe” baseball. Let’s also look at those who fell short.


Rafael Devers‘ Bouncy Ball


The best way for a hitter to ensure that the ball stays socially distant from all the fielders is to replace the baseball with a bouncy ball that simply catapults itself over the infield on every ground ball. That’s what Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers did against the Toronto Blue Jays (in Buffalo) this week. With his team trailing 6-5 with the bases loaded in the top of the 6th inning, he chose the right moment to clear the bases and give his team an 8-6 lead.



Just look at that bouncy ball take flight! Vlad Guerrero Jr. never had a chance.



Tag Avoidance Therapy


What is becoming a weekly feature in this article, we highlight the fielders who need a session of “Tag Avoidance Therapy” and somehow the runner manages an act of socially distant contortionism to avoid what should be a routine tag. Here we have Todd Frazier of the Texas Rangers doing his best to miss Tony Kemp of the Oakland A’s.



Quite the nifty piece of work from the A’s infielder when you see it from a closer angle.



And here is the look from Frazier when he realizes that he will be sent to Tag Avoidance Therapy next week!



The Amazing Masked Play


We stay with the high-flying Oakland Athletics, and we all know that Ramon Laureano is out there making sensational plays every day, but when he can do this whilst wearing a mask he definitely takes out the best socially distanced play of the week. Good job, Laser!



The Worst Socially Distanced Fielding Of The Week


And this week’s prize was a no-doubter – Josh Reddick of the Houston Astros simply stays as far away from the ball as possible when trying to field it.



It’s even worse when you think that it is the top of the 1st inning of a doubleheader, a rookie pitcher is on the mound, and the bases are loaded with only 1 out. A surefire way to demoralize every member of your ballclub. Here is the slow walk of shame, and Brian Goodwin channeling what we are all doing after seeing this horror show.



Fredbird Washes His Hands…And A Lot More!


Last week, we praised the mascots from across the league for continuing to spearhead the messages about social distancing and staying safe. Of course, washing your hands is an important part of all this; however, St. Louis Cardinals mascot Fredbird took things a little too far. Yep, he naked!


And Remember, No Fighting Please!


We saw the shenanigans in the outfield from Luis Robert last week as he poached a fly ball in Eloy Jimenez’s territory. This week it was Tim Anderson’s turn to encroach upon the left fielder’s space with cheeky jest. Fisticuffs ensued…er, none of that in this day and age, please gents!


Be sure to join me next week for more of the best socially distanced baseball from week six.


Featured Image by Justin Paradis (@FreshMeatComm on Twitter)

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