Start Of Something New w/ Darik Buchar

Adam and Kevin welcome Darik Buchar of NFBC to talk 2024 drafts

On The Wire – Adam Howe and Kevin Hasting welcome Darik Buchar of NFBC to the show to talk 2024 drafts


Position players coming back from TJS in 2024 (Jasson Domínguez, Riley Greene)

Pitchers coming back from TJS in 2002 (Robbie Ray, Andrew Painter)

Rookie expectations in 2024 (Jackson Holliday, Paul Skenes, Wyatt Langford, Dylan Crews)

2023 breakouts and busts w/ 2024 expectations

NFBC is live – draft formats and expectations for 2024

Late round strategy in 15-team Draft and hold, FAAB, and Gladiator formats

Kevin’s final thoughts

Hosts: Adam Howe | Kevin Hasting

Guest: Darik Buchar | NFBC

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Adam Howe

Adam resides in Indianapolis after spending the better part of a decade in Oakland, CA and growing up in Massachusetts. He co-hosts the On The Wire podcast with Kevin Hasting, analyzing your weekly FAAB options before your bid deadlines every Sunday.

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