The 7 Best MLB Moments from Tuesday

It's a great day to be a dad.

Every day, we’re given new reasons why baseball is simply the best. Here are the seven we enjoyed the most from yesterday, beginning with some wholesome dad content to start your day off right.

Making Papa Proud

Lots of little kids dream of growing up to be just like their dads. When their dad happens to be Hall of Fame baseball person Vladimir Guerrero, that’s a lofty goal. But after tonight’s performance, the incorrigible Vladimir Guerrero Jr. seems to be well on his way to making good on that wish.

Check out the tape from his historic three-homer night against the Nationals last night, including a huge third-inning grand salami off none other than Max Scherzer:

Three home runs is a lot. You know how many Vlad Sr. hit in his historic 16-year career? 449You know how many times he hit three in one game? That’s right, zero. And boy, was dad excited to see it happen. The Impaler was all over the action on Twitter, following along with every swing as his son made history.

Can it get any better than?? Actually, yes. Check this out: after giving up the grand slam, Scherzer joined an exclusive club as just the second pitcher to have been taken deep by both Guerrero father and son in his career. The other? Iván Nova, naturally.

That’s what you call Pure Dinger Genes.

Charlie’s Favorite Tunes

From one Good Dad story to another, Freddie Freeman went 1-3 with a run scored and an RBI in the Braves’ 5-0 win over the Cubs. But for one special fan, his most memorable moment came before he even swung his bat. That fan was his four-year-old son, Charlie, who got to pick his dad’s walk-up music.

Here’s the heart-warming video, courtesy of Freddie’s wife, Chelsea:

ICYMI, this is the same kid who showcased his sweet, sweet swing hitting bombs in the Braves hotel back in October — and then again in January, getting swings in with his MVP trainer by the family pool. It’s early yet, but we might just have another Guerrero situation on our hands in a few years. If I were Max Scherzer, I’d put the bionic arm down and retire already while I’m ahead.

Javier’s Java Gem

Picture this: you’re walking into work, mentally psyching yourself up for a big day, and you spill a steaming-hot cup of coffee on yourself right as you walk in the door, ruining your new pants. That’s a bad omen at the least, right?

Not for Cristian Javier. We know because that’s exactly what happened to the Astros’ young starter on Tuesday, and it didn’t slow him down one bit.

While walking on to the field to get some warmups in, Javier dropped the cup of Joe he’d been carrying in his glove, spilling it all over his home whites. Undeterred, he took the mound anyway without changing and threw seven sparkling two-hit innings against the Mariners, all with a large brown smudge on his shirt and pants.

The scoreless start was Javier’s third consecutive, all in April, and easily the most impressive of his young career. He finished with six K’s three walks, two of which got wiped out quickly by timely double plays. The seven innings pitched were a new career high, extending his scoreless streak to 17 frames and counting.

After the game, manager Dusty Baker suggested he stick with the unusual pregame ritual with those kind of results.

Big Man, Small Pants

In other fashion news, we’re pleased to see that Hunter Pence’s hallowed mantle of Shortest Pants in the Show has been passed on to a worthy heir. That would be swarthy Reds rookie Jonathan India, who stepped to the plate against the Dodgers last night wearing what can only be described as baseball shorts:

A bit of digging from MLB.com’s Michael Clare revealed that it’s more than just tall socks: India appears to be rocking some kind of leggings or compression pants underneath his socks but on top of his normal pants? We’ve seen plenty of pantaloon-hikers in the past, but I’ll be honest, this is new territory for me.

Here’s hoping he keeps it up all season, and we reach full tights-out-like-Superman level by October.

Houser 1, House 0

After a long and miserable year where we were forced to watch actual MLB-caliber hitters batting ninth in both leagues, the cringe-worthy phenomenon that is pitchers hitting returned to the National League in 2021. And lord, it has been just about as bad as you can imagine. Going into Tuesday, MLB pitchers in NL parks were hitting a whopping .104 with zero home runs.

That all changed with this blast from Adrian Houser, the first official (non-Shohei Ohtani) home run by a pitcher in nearly two years.

It ended up being a pretty important one, too, as the Brewers would go on to win by just one run, 5-4. Houser allowed three runs in 5.2 solid innings, earning himself the win in more ways than one. You love to see it.

Dodger Security Lives Up to the Name

Many years ago, when the Brooklyn Trolley-Dodgers got started down at Ebbets Field, I’m sure the name made lots of sense to the quick-footed Brooklynites used to jumping every which way to avoid what I’m now choosing to imagine as a chaotic never-ending circus of trolley cars downtown. These days, it’s mostly just a cool nickname for a baseball team that plays in California. But even as the old dodgers fade into obscurity, a trace of the true self lives on in the false self.

Seriously, you gotta hand it to these poor Dodger Stadium security guards, who went to every length to avoid a fair ball hit to left field and still managed to get in the way of the play.

Props to the first guy for doing whatever it takes to get out of harm’s way. As for guy no. 2, well… at least he’s got a good story to tell the kids.

“That’s really cool”: the Brett Phillips Story

Finally, we check in with America’s favorite MLB frat bro, Brett Phillips. He hit a clutch home run that helped the Rays beat the league-leading A’s last night, and we’re all very happy for him. But more importantly, he had a good time doing it, and that’s all that matters in the end. See for yourself:


If you’ve ever watched a Brett Phillips talk to people, then you knew that the postgame for this one would be a fun time. And he did not disappoint.

Saying “I sometimes do cool things like that” after hitting a home run to win a Major League Baseball game is exactly the kind of energy I like to see from my role models. Keep doing you, Brett.

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