The 8 Nastiest Pitches from Monday

The Nastiest Pitches from Monday's games

Every morning, the We Love Baseball crew reviews the Nastiest Pitches from the previous day’s games. If you see something you think should be included here be sure to tweet @PitcherList to let us know. Or, if you’re a PL+ Member and part of our Discord, shout it out in the Nastiest Pitches channel.


Yariel Rodríguez’s Slider



While some Canadiens bring poutine or their favorite Rush album, Yariel Rodríguez brought a slithering snake-like slider to celebrate Canada Day. Jon Singleton, however, received the gift as warmly as the nation did the Florida Panthers Stanley Cup victory. Though Rodriguez recorded the loss, the start was the best yet in his career. Over his six-and-two-thirds inning, Rodriguez let up two walks, two hits, and one run while striking out six Astros.


Hunter Brown’s Sinker




Houston didn’t just bring offensive fireworks to Monday’s festivities. Their other party favor was a gutty performance from Hunter Brown. The Verlander look-a-like pitched six scoreless, allowing two hits and three walks with four strikeouts. His best sequence came against Justin Turner, catching the veteran looking on three straight pitches before putting him away with this tunneling sinker.


Bryan Abreu’s Slider



Brown’s efforts might’ve been for naught without Bryan Abreu. After walking Addison Barger, Abreu sits Bo Bichette down with this gnarly slider. What it lacks in horizontal movement, it more than makes up for with its vertical drop. As Bichette readies his swing, this pitch disappears like an “ou” whenever Canadiens say “out” or “about.”


MacKenzie Gore’s Curveball



James Woods‘ professional career might’ve started Monday, but the Nationals’ number one star was Mackenzie Gore. Here, Gore bests Mark Vientos with a looping cross-body curveball that makes the red-hot rookie look like Bobby Bonilla. The southpaw shuddered the doors of New York’s offense, striking out eight, inducing a night-high 18 swinging strikes, and allowing one run over five-and-two-thirds-innings


David Peterson’s Slider



Speaking of Bonilla, let’s talk about the team he’s indefinitely and infamously linked to — The Mets. David Peterson started for the club and fought through six and one-third innings while surrendering a pair of runs. Though the left-hander registered just two strikeouts, his second leaves C.J. Abrams clueless.


Reed Garrett’s Splitter



The Mets know how to make getting three outs look hard. After scoring six in the 10th, New York’s bullpen faltered and put the game-tying run at the plate. Reed Garrett, perhaps the biggest wildcard in the bullpen, was handed the impossible challenge of stopping the Mets from being themselves. Garrett thankfully turned up aces, finishing the job with this tumbling splitter to fool Luis Garcia Jr. The good news for the Flushing Faithful is there are only 2160 outs left this season.


Dylan Floro’s Slider



What’s one more slider in a sea full of them? Dylan Floro’s slider to Mark Vientos is a crime. It breaks towards the middle of the zone before darting away like a UFO captured on a grainy camera. Vientos’ strikeout was one of two Floro recorded in his one and one-third-innings of work.


Austin Gomber’s Knuckle Curve



Austin Gomber’s name is synonymous with Nolan Arenado’s. Colorado traded the second for the first. As a result, Gomber’s fate is forever associated with the former face of Colorado’s franchise. Something else that should go hand-in-hand for Gomber is his knuckle curve. Entering Monday, it had accounted for a 28.5 Whiff% and 22 of Gomber’s strikeouts. This knuckleball didn’t add Willy Adames to the total, but it catches the shortstop well in front, not that anyone can blame him.


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