Analyzing Every Two-Start Pitcher For Week 13 (6/27 – 7/3)

Every Friday I look at every projected two-start pitcher for the week ahead and detail my thoughts about rolling with them on your roster.  There are four tiers: Definitely, Probably, Questionable, Bench.  The...

Every Friday I look at every projected two-start pitcher for the week ahead and detail my thoughts about rolling with them on your roster.  There are four tiers: Definitely, Probably, Questionable, Bench.  The first tier features starters that are no doubters for the week ahead followed by a tier of pitchers that look like good plays but may create a hesitation or two. Players inside Questionable Starts are for deeper leagues or have one-of-two outings that should be avoid. Pitchers labeled Bench should be avoided despite their dual week ahead.

Definitely Start

Jake Arrieta (@CIN, @NYM)

Jon Lester (@CIN, @NYM)

Noah Syndergaard (@WSH, CHC)

Corey Kluber (@ATL, @TOR)

Cole Hamels (@NYY, @MIN)

Tanner Roark (NYM, CIN)

Joe Ross (NYM, CIN)

Probably Start

Jose Quintana (MIN, @HOU) – Normally he would be in the first tier, though I understand some owners hesitating based on his recent outings. I’d still be rolling with him given these matchups ahead.

Jeff Samardzija (OAK, @ARI) – Even with the somewhat worrisome start in Arizona, this is a good play.

Collin McHugh (@LAA, CWS) – McHugh has been rocky this year, but he gets two weak offenses that he should take advantage of.

Matt Shoemaker (HOU, @BOS) – That Boston start is uninviting, though you have to roll with Shoemaker given how well he has been performing.

CC Sabathia (TEX, @SD) – The thought is CC won’t miss the Texas start, making him a solid two start option this week as he’s been on fire (last start had its blips due to his rolled ankle).

Adam Wainwright (@KCR, MIL) – Waino holds a 2.72 ERA across his last seven starts, and this week doesn’t present enough concern to anticipate a relapse.

Michael Wacha (@KCR, MIL) – Wacha has been sharp his last three starts and should capitalize against the Brewers, with a chance to also succeed against his local rivals.

Eduardo Rodriguez (@TBR, LAA) – This could be the week that Erod turns it around with one of the best situations of anyone in week 13.

Matt Harvey (@WSH, CHC) – Harvey has been a bit disappointing in back-to-back starts against the Braves, and now he gets a pair of tough opponents. I’d still be rolling with him, but understand the risk.


Danny Duffy (STL, @PHI) – Duffy hasn’t looked great recently, and it could be a disaster in Busch Stadium. However, if he makes it through that start, he could walk all over the Phillies.

Trevor Bauer (@ATL, @TOR) – I’m a huge fan of Bauer’s start against Atlanta, though heading to Toronto makes me question the overall results.

Julio Urias (@PIT, COL) – Not the worst matchups, but the bigger question mark is if he’s going to get both of these outings. He’s a decent choice if he’s guaranteed both starts, but if there’s question heading into Monday, it’s best to play it safe and look elsewhere.

Daniel Mengden (@SFG, PIT) – Mengden has strikeout upside that could return a decent week for owners needing some extra help as there are worse matchups that Giants + Pirates.

Robbie Ray (PHI, SFG) – Ray has expressed good upside lately, and a date with the Phils could be very beneficial. While the Giants are above average, they aren’t intimidating enough to prevent consideration.

Adam Conley (@DET, @ATL) – Conley is a good option against weak teams, making that Atlanta start mighty tempting. Problem is that he has to go through the Tigers first, making this a risky play.

Vincent Velasquez (@ARI, KCR) – Not the most terrifying matchups, though given that VV is coming back from an elbow scare, I’d be a little worried about a shortened start and it affecting the way VV pitches.


Chris Archer (BOS, DET) – How the mighty have fallen. Given Archer’s inability to dominate mixed with two of the toughest teams in the majors, owners don’t have much of a choice but to bench Archer this week.

Blake Snell (BOS, DET) – While I think Snell will be a solid add for the second half, these two starts aren’t helping his transition to the bigs.

Junior Guerra (LAD, @STL) – I want to go with Guerra, but the Dodgers aren’t a solid enough stream to counteract the threat of the Cardinals.

Jon Gray (TOR, @LAD) – I like the start in L.A. for Gray, though there is simply too much caution hosting Toronto.

Dan Straily (CHC, @WSH) – He’s a TEEs and the wheels have been falling off. These tough opponents will not help his cause.

John Lamb (CHC, @WSH) – As much as I think Lamb can put it all together at one point, this week looks too scary to believe in a major step forward so soon.

Kris Medlen (STL, @PHI) – This is a speculative two-starts as the Royals haven’t made it clear if Medlen will still be in the rotation for that Sunday start. Either, way I wouldn’t be throwing Medlen out there when he has to face the Cardinals.

Francisco Liriano (LAD, @OAK) – Even with the Oakland start, Liriano is way too volatile with a horrendous floor to be trusted in.

Jon Gant (CLE, MIA) – Gant doesn’t hold the upside to take advantage of a decent week ahead.

Kyle Gibson (@CWS, TEX) – You don’t want to be starting Gibson in any circumstance.

Ivan Nova (TEX, @SD) – While the San Diego start is tantalizing, it’s not enough to look over the low floor of Nova.

Kendall Graveman (@SFG, PIT) – Graveman is not someone to consider for a stream, let alone two starts in a week.

Adam Morgan (@ARI, KCR) – Morgan is far from a serviceable option. Update: Morgan has been replaced with Vincent VelasquezHallelujah!

Albert Suarez (OAK, @ARI) – I can conceive of Suarez being an okay stream against Oakland, but heading to Chase Field makes this too messy of a choice.

Hisashi Iwakuma (PIT, BAL) – Iwakuma has been shaky in 2016, and a matchup against Baltimore makes this a sour week regardless of his first matchup.

Mystery Rangers Starter (@NYY, @MIN) – The Rangers haven’t announced who will take Colby Lewis‘ spot in the rotation, but whoever fills in the role will get two starts. There isn’t a good immediate option that will take advantage of these two outings, making it easy to resist.

Marco Estrada (@COL, CLE) – A heavy flyball pitcher in Coors does not sound like a fun time, even with Estrada’s success. I like his outing against Cleveland, but not enough to overcome a potential disaster start.

J.A. Happ (@COL, CLE) – Happ has been too inconsistent lately to endure a start in Coors regardless of his second matchup.

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