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All the info you need about Pitcher Lists's podcast network.

We’re thrilled to announce that Pitcher List has expanded their podcasts from one feed with five shows, to 21 individual feeds for 20 shows.

Welcome to the Pitcher List Podcast Network.


Pitcher List Fantasy Baseball

Hosts: The Pitcher List Staff
Twitter: @PitcherListPods

Your home for every fantasy baseball-related podcast in one feed – you’ll get every episode from On The Corner, The First Pitch Podcast, On The Farm, On The Wire, In The Deep, Keep or Kut, Wins Above Fantasy, In The Pen, This Week in Fantasy Baseball, Hacks and Jacks, Nick and Alex Baseball Show, Nick Pollack and Friends, and Long Ball Legacies here + we’ll be showcasing some of our new shows sporadically on this feed as well.
2021 FSWA Baseball Podcast of the Year

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On The Corner

Hosts: Nick Pollack and Eric Samulski
Twitter: @OnTheCornerPL

Weekly analysis focused on starting pitching from Nick Pollack and Eric Samulski

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First Pitch

Hosts: Brian Entrekin & Jake Crumpler
Twitter: @FirstPitchPod

Brian Entrekin and Jake Crumpler tell you everything you need to know to win your fantasy baseball league in just fifteen minutes. Every morning, seven days a week (Runs from late March to early October)

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Nick Pollack and Friends

Host: Nick Pollack
Twitter: @NickFriendsPod

Nick Pollack sits down with many he’s met inside the baseball industry, discussing their journey and what they learned to get where they are now.

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Hacks & Jacks

Hosts: Joe Gallina and Scott Chu
Twitter: @HacksAndJacksPL

Weekly in-depth Fantasy Baseball analysis, skewing slightly toward the hitting side of the game, from Joe Gallina and Scott Chu

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Wins Above Fantasy

Hosts: Van Burnett and Steve Gesuele
Twitter: @WinsAbovePod

Van Burnett and Steve Gesuele provide the insight and breakdowns you need to win your fantasy baseball leagues

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On The Wire

Hosts: Adam Howe and Kevin Hasting
Twitter: @OnTheWirePod

Fantasy baseball talk focused on weekly FAAB bidding. Join Adam Howe and 2020 TGFBI Champion Kevin Hasting every Sunday for insights into how to win your bids and improve your rosters throughout the season.

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Keep Or Kut

Hosts: Chad Young and Pete Ball
Twitter: @KeepOrKut

Podcast Description: The best fantasy baseball leagues don’t end when the season ends. Join Chad Young and Pete Ball of Pitcher List as they dive into the world of keeper and ottoneu leagues. Tips and advice, analysis and insights, all tailored to leagues where you’re playing for the long haul.

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On The Farm

Hosts: Jake Maish and Rick Haake
Twitter: @OnTheFarmPL

LaMar Gibson focuses on all things minor league baseball, prospecting, and dynasty fantasy baseball.

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In The Pen

Hosts: Rick Graham, Jake Crumpler, Callen Elslager
Twitter: @InThePenPod

Rick Graham, Jake Crumpler, and Callen Elslager dive into the fascinating world of relief pitching in an effort to make sense of team usage, future save opportunities, and more.

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This Week in Fantasy Baseball

Hosts: John Ke and Lee Keller

Twitter: @This WeekPL

John Ke and Lee Keller recap all of the best performances of the week, highlighted by the staff at Pitcher List! Catch up on any action that you might have missed and get insight on who to pick up and drop as you move into the next week of baseball.

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Talking Pitching

Hosts: Nick Pollack and Alex Fast
Twitter: @TalkPitchingPod

Podcast Description: One-on-one interviews with MLB pitchers, talking about their pitches, grips, approaches, mechanics, and their life inside the game.

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Long Ball Legacies

Hosts: Daniel Port
Twitter: @LBLegacies

Long Ball Legacies is a podcast that explorers players throughout MLB History, what they mean to us and what they meant to the game


In The Deep

Hosts: Christopher Weber and Jordan White
Twitter: @InTheDeepPL

Weekly fantasy baseball content with a focus on deep and dynasty leagues.

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The Alex Fast Show

Hosts: Alex Fast
Twitter: @AlexFast8

Alex Fast goes deep into a specific area of pitching, while focusing on one pitcher per episode to best demonstrate their repertoire and talents.

Nick and Alex Baseball Show

Hosts: Nick Pollack and Alex Fast
Twitter: @PitcherList and @AlexFast8

Nick Pollack and Alex Fast talk about the world of baseball during a live broadcast. It’s a show of celebrating the joy of the sport and mixing analytics and deep baseball discussion with a hint of goofiness and fun.

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Dugout Study Hall

Hosts: Matt Goodwin and Alexander Chase

Twitter: @DugoutStudyHall

A remedial course in meaningful baseball stats to give you an edge in your fantasy baseball leagues.

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Red Black Green Baseball

Hosts: Pat Ellington Jr.
Twitter: @rbgbaseball

The Red Black Green Baseball Podcast aims to truthfully capture the African diaspora’s relationship with the sport of baseball from Little League all the way to MLB by telling the individual stories of the Black fans, players, coaches/managers, scouts, front office members, writers, etc. across the world who are a part of the African diaspora via one-on-one interviews. 

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Short Hops and Tall Tales

Hosts: Brandon Riddle and Noah Scott
Twitter: @ShortHopsPL

Noah Scott and Brandon Riddle bring you some of the wildest stories behind baseball’s most iconic players, quotes, games, and more. It’s a baseball podcast for people who don’t like baseball… yet, and for lifelong fans, a dive into the sport’s storied past.

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Shaggin’ Flies

Hosts: Ben Palmer and Zach Hayes
Twitter: @ShagginFliesPL

Join Ben Palmer and Zach Hayes as they talk to some of the most interesting people in the online baseball community about everything BUT the usual, from baseball to music, movies, the meaning of life, and everything beyond.

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On The List

Host: Austin Bristow II and Myles Nelson
Twitter: @OnTheListPL

Austin Bristow II and Myles Nelson sit down with members of the Pitcher List staff to discuss their work and their favorite parts of baseball.

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Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

3 responses to “Pitcher List Podcast Network”

  1. Guest says:

    Chad Young, please start looking up name pronunciations. Otherwise, your first pitch pods are great. LIke how are you pronouncing Kershaw wrong in 2022?

  2. Thomas Braun says:

    I love the pods. I just signed up for a membership. I am confused tho. On apple I heard the SPs 61-70. Here I can’t find 21-60. Any help will be greatly appreciated

    • Nick Pollack says:

      Hey Thomas! Sorry for the confusion. We moved podcast hosts and the embeds are not updated yet. We’ll have them updated shortly.

      The episodes are live on the individual feeds, though. You can find them wherever you listen to your podcasts. I’ve updated the On The Corner embed here just for you and will have the rest updated this week.

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