I just joined, what do I do?

First and foremost: welcome, and thank you for joining! We’re very excited to have you in what we consider to be the best fantasy baseball hangout out there. Be sure to introduce yourself in the #general channel and begin exploring all of the other channels that our Discord has to offer. 


What do each of the channels mean?

Before I get into a breakdown of each of the channels, it’s important to know some rules we try to apply to all channels:

  1. Check the Pins for each channel.
    • A majority of channels have certain guidelines or messages pinned to them. To see what is pinned to each channel simply click here.

      2. Be sure to follow proper Discord etiquette.

    • We will always have someone on staff that is available to answer your questions. As a result, we ask that you use the @here/DM feature sparingly. If it’s been over an hour, and someone is yet to respond to you, feel free to @ a particular staff member and they should get to you ASAP.


Channel Breakdowns

Pitcher List Community


Our most active channel on the Discord. Want to talk about a recent trade that happened in real life? How about an amazing pitching matchup that’s currently happening or how one particular player is over/under rated? This is the place for you! The major rule: keep it baseball related. If you’d like to talk about other general topics (music, videogames, etc) that’s totally cool but there are other channels in the Off Topic sections we prefer you move those conversations to. 


Twitter News

This channel is for tweets and tweets only. Its purpose is so that you as a user can scroll through all of the news that you may have missed over the course of a day. See a tweet that an SP is showing increased velocity, or that a closer is in danger of losing his job or that a major prospect is about to be called up? Copy and paste the Twitter link here!


Fantasy Help

Come here for all of your fantasy questions. If you’d like feedback on a trade, or are questioning how to evaluate players, or are looking to get extra help on who you should pick up, we ask that you visit this channel. In order to best assist you, we’d appreciate it if you could get very specific with your question and how it pertains to your league: let us know if you’re in a QS 5×5 12 team roto league as opposed to a 15 team points league, etc. 


Baseball Data Help

There are a lot of funky stats out there. This channel is where you should ask for clarification on what xwOBAcon is and how to apply it. Or where you can find metrics like pitches/PA or other hard to find metrics. 


Baseball Trivia

Feel free to ask any fun baseball trivia questions here. This is the one channel where we’re a little more lax on the @here usage though if there have already been 3-4 trivia questions that day we ask you to maybe hold on to that one for another day.


DFS Talk

Come here for any questions about FanDuel, DraftKings or any other Daily Fantasy services.


FAAB Advice

Come here if you’re looking for advice on how much of your Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) you should be using. 


Ideas For The Site

Think of this like Pitcher List’s Suggestion Box. Think we could improve Pitcher List in some way? Have an idea you’d like to share that we currently aren’t doing? Leave it here.


Live Chat

Over the course of the season, there will be hundreds of Live Chats with the staff. A staff member will pick a day, block off a chunk of time and dedicate themselves to answering any and all questions you may have. 


Mailbag Questions

Leave questions here that you’d like to see answered on upcoming episodes of On The Corner, On the Barrel, On The Farm or any other Pitcher List podcast.



The Pitcher List community is growing more and more every day and has active members all around the world. Every once in a while, we’ll host meetups; so far we’ve done NYC, LA, and Colorado. All information about upcoming meetups will be posted here. 


Nasty Pitches

Watching a game and think you’ve witnessed a nasty pitch? Be sure to leave it in this channel as there’s a good chance we’ll feature it in our daily Nastiest Pitches article.

We’ll be holding a giveaway each week to one Discord member who suggests a pitch we use during the Nastiest Pitches article through the week. Suggest a pitch in the channel, we use it, and you’ll be entered to win!


Podcast Notes

All of the notes from every podcast will be published in this channel as soon as the podcast is posted. 


Prospects and Dynasty

Come here with any questions you may have about future prospects or your dynasty leagues.


Board Bets

If you’re convinced player X is going to have a monster year while another user is convinced he’s going to be a scrub, make your friendly wager here. Keep in mind though, this isn’t Vegas. Board bets aren’t for money, instead they’re for something a bit less serious: a Twitter banner photo, a photo of you in an opposing teams jersey, etc.  


Off Topic

Off Topic

Looking to talk about a big life event that’s happened for you? Have a weird, funny story that happened over the course of your day? Feel free to talk all about it in the Off Topic channel. We also have specific channels if you’d like to discuss:

  • College Basketball
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • Wrestling
  • Dietbet
  • DND
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Videogames 

Looking for an Off Topic channel that doesn’t quite yet exist? Bring up your interests in the main Off Topic channel and if there are enough others who’d like to see a new channel created, we’re happy to make one for you. 


How come I can’t see any channels?

Please reach out to Daniel Port who will be able to assist you. 


Fantasy Leagues

How can I join a mock draft?

Check out the Fantasy Leagues section of the Discord, as there are sign-ups for Mock Drafts that will be arranged there throughout the draft season.


How do I join fantasy league?

Check out the Find A League channel in the Fantasy Leagues section of the discord.


I have a fantasy question I need answered, where do I go?

Check out the Fantasy Help or Prospects and Dynasty channel.


Who should I go to with questions that aren’t answered here?

If you still have questions, please feel free to shoot Daniel Port a message on Discord!



If I’m already a Patreon Supporter, how do I switch to PL+?

Reach out to Daniel Port on Discord. Provide him with the email you used to sign up for Patreon as well as the email you’d like your PL+ account to be registered under. After signing up for PL+, we’ll be sure to refund you 100% of your Patreon for that month so you’re not double charged.


I’m having issues accessing the Discord, who should I reach out to?

Please email support (at) pitcherlist.com if you’re having trouble with your PL+ membership.


What do I get now that I’m a PL+ member?

As a member of PL+ you get exclusive access to:

  • An Ad-Free Pitcher List experience
  • The Pitcher List Discord
  • Live Chats inside Discord
  • Weekly merch giveaways in-season
  • The greatest baseball community on the internet.


How do I cancel my PL+ subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from your PL+ account page on the site.

Please email support (at) pitcherlist.com if you’re having trouble canceling your PL+ membership.

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