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Today’s Headlines


Gavin It All He’s Got

Wednesday, the G patch on the Dodgers’ uniforms stood for Gavin Stone, as he threw a complete game shutout to complete L.A.’s sweep of the White Sox. It did take him 103 pitches, so, you know, maybe work on getting it done four pitches sooner next time dude.

More impressive and also somewhat more perplexing, it’s the Dodgers’ first complete game of any type in over a year:

Stone’s overall line: 9 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 7 K. Seven strikeouts and no walks? What is this, a George Kirby game?! Jokes aside, the Dodgers are now 8.5 games up on the Padres in the NL West and currently sport one of the best records in baseball at 51-31.

Ohtani Into The Books

…and that 51-31 record is definitely thanks in no small part to a guy you may have heard of; Shohei Ohtani. And while Stone picking up a “first in over a year” and “first in over a decade” accolade is cool, Ohtani went above and beyond with a new franchise record:

Another day, another Shohei dinger, right? Well, kinda:

That’s 10 games with RBIs and a casual .444/.563/1.194 line to go with eight HRs. And it’s not just 10 RBI, either, it’s 17. He’s good at baseball.

But as an addendum to that last bit: There was somebody even better in the dugout yesterday, and we should be thankful that’s the case:

Subway Sweep

The power of Grimace left the Yankees grimacing last night, as the Mets once again wrecked their crosstown rivals, winning 12-2 to sweep the first half of the Subway Series. The Yankees struck out a grand total of six Mets batters across both games while surrendering seven home runs, which is usually a poor recipe for winning ballgames.

Sean Manaea’s night wasn’t as dominant as Peterson’s eight-strikeout performance from Tuesday, but his five innings, two hits and no runs were enough to get the job done, especially as it was another night to forget for Luis Gil, who went 4.1 innings this time around but gave up five runs with only a pair of strikeouts to go with them. The game also featured a somewhat lengthy rain delay, during which things got weird over in Queens:


The Mets find themselves at .500 and just 1.5 games back of a WC spot as the weather heats up, and while the Yankees are still atop the AL East by a game, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Bronx Bombers, as they look to recover the performance that saw them beating the rest of the league to 50 wins.

Usual Way To Tie It Up

And in further NL winning team news, we go to the NL Central-leading Brewers, who bested the defending champs on a pretty standard extra-base hit to split the outfielders off the bat of Andruw Monasterio:

But you can’t get the walk-off without tying the game, first, and boy howdy did the Brew Crew decide to do that in style, thanks to Jackson Chourio:

Even aside from the misplay from Derek Hill out in CF, Chourio absolutely blazed around the bases:

That’s Top 20 footspeed, to be specific, at Brewers’ Twitter poster.


Best Moments From Yesterday


No Touching!

The A’s aren’t quite as bad as we all thought they would be prior to the season, but they sure are just as weird. The latest example was one of the stranger ways to miss out on a run and tack on an out, to go with it:

You have to cut Armando Alvarez a little slack though, as it was his major league debut and he was probably pretty hyped for his first big league run.

Cool Kyle Turns 10

It hasn’t been a particularly great season for Kyle Hendricks so far, between injuries and underperformance, but Wednesday marked a pretty big milestone in the career of any baseball player:

A reminder that less than 10% of all baseball players in history have played a decade or more and only a subset of that small cohort are 10-and-5 players like Kyle is. The Professor is a free agent after this season, and who knows where he’ll go from here, but he’ll always have his gold card, his 2016 World Series ring, and we’ll always have this amazing GIF:

View post on imgur.com


Hey, remember how I said the Yankees lost 12-2, and not 12-0? That’s thanks to our large baseball friend Aaron Judge:

That makes him the first to 30 HRs in the season and also puts him on the same home run pace as 2022. When he hit 62 of them, that was fun. I could do with another 62 dingers.

Medically Sound Outcome

Can’t have just one Hendri(c)k in the headlines today! Everybody’s favorite Australian wild man Liam Hendriks is on the rehab trail from Tommy John surgery, and hit a pretty big milestone yesterday:

I had totally forgotten he was on the dastardly Red Sox these days, but in any case, baseball is better when Liam is on the mound, so hopefully we’ll get to see him cussin’ and huckin’ again soon.

Heck Yeah Xander

Today’s most relatable baseball child is definitely Xander:

All right-thinking folks love Rowdy Tellez, and he rewarded Xander’s loyalty with a well-struck oppo dinger only a few innings later:

Here’s to Beefy Lad dingers!


Injuries and Other Moves


⚾ In other Xander news, Padre Xander Bogaerts was spotted taking BP on the field, a “notable step” as he returns from a shoulder fracture.

⚾ Spencer Turnbull left the game yesterday with shoulder soreness after only 36 pitches, more details are likely to come.

⚾ The Cardinals will be without Tommy Edman for longer than they hoped, as he sprained his ankle while fielding grounders, and his rehab from the older wrist injury is on hold until that gets sorted out.

⚾ Justin Verlander will not be coming off the IL as soon as eligible, as he will not be traveling with the team to NY, and hasn’t started playing catch yet.

⚾ Third baseman Joey Ortiz left the game yesterday due to neck stiffness that has been bothering him since the Angels series, although it doesn’t sound like anything too serious.


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