OTF 69 – What We’re Anticipating in 2024

Most anticipated players, trends, and farm systems for 2024

On the Farm – 2023 isn’t over but LaMar (@InsideFastball) and Jake (@jakemaish) already have players, trends, and farm systems they’re looking forward to watching in 2024.

00:30 – Intro

33:00 – LaMar’s Most Anticipated

53:43 – Jake’s Most Anticipated

  • Most Anticipated Player(s) – STL P Tink Hence and the next class of early season pitching promotions
  • Most Anticipated Trend(s)
    • MiLB walk rates don’t mean anything for both hitters and pitchers
    • Tacky ball experiments at AA
    • ABS System at AAA
    • PCL Altitude at AAA
    • Non-competitive at-bats
  • Most Anticipated Farm System – San Diego Padres

LaMar Gibson

A lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan that still hasn't forgiven Jeffrey Maier, Tony Fernandez, the 2014 Royals, or Edwin Encarnacion...and has no interest in doing so in the foreseeable future. You can read more of LaMar's thoughts by subscribing to his free monthly newsletter, Inside Fastball, for all things prospects.

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