The Best Pitching GIFs of the 2015 Playoffs – Who Will Take The Crown?

Now that the season has concluded, we’re going to be reviewing the very best pitches from across the entire season. First up are the best pitches from the playoffs, followed...

Now that the season has concluded, we’re going to be reviewing the very best pitches from across the entire season. First up are the best pitches from the playoffs, followed by the second half, then the entire season. Stay tuned in the following weeks as we work our way to voting for the very best Pitching GIF of the 2015 season!

Johnny Cueto’s Fastball – Cueto was looking great out of the gate in Game 2 of the World Series, and struck out the NLCS MVP with a perfect frontdoor Fastball that barely hit the strikezone.

Aaron Sanchez’s Fastball – Sanchez has one of the most lively Fastballs in the game, and he painted this 98 MPH heater on the black as it returned to the plate against Elvis Andrus. (Thanks to @michaeldryden for the tip!)

Jeurys Familia’s Sinker – I could have an article just of Familia pitches, as he has some of the nastiest stuff of any reliever in the bigs. Just watch this 0-1 Sinker at 97 MPH to Jorge Soler that disappeared in a hurry.

Jake Arrieta’s Slider – Call it a Slutter, Cutter, Slider, at the end of the day, the pitch is pure filth. Here Arrieta used it to get Matt Holliday fishing out of the zone on a 3-2 count. At 90 MPH no less.

Jake Arrieta’s Changeup – It wasn’t Jake’s best after allowing three ER from the first trio of batters he faced, but he settled down to keep Chicago in Game 3 NLCS. In his final pitch of the evening, Arrieta got some revenge on Daniel Murphy, painting the inside corner with this pretty Changeup.

Wade Davis‘ Cutter – It looked grim entering the 9th for the Royals, but Davis kept them within reach by looking unhittable in his frame. Lucas Duda didn’t have a chance as Davis’ Cutter faded from Duda’s wheelhouse into his blind-spot.

Cliff Pennington’s Fastball – Game 4 of the ALCS was a blowout in favor of the Royals in Toronto, giving Pennington the opportunity to be the first position player to pitch in a postseason game. He impressed his teammates as he came out of the gates with this 91 MPH Fastball that featured movement back to the plate.

Noah Syndergaard’s Fastball – Thor got off to a rocky start, but hot damn his Fastball looked electric. He struck out the first batter of World Series Game 3, getting Alcides Escobar to whiff at 99 MPH cheddar as this Fastball traveled across the plate at an absurd rate.

Steven Matz’s Curveball – Matz did his part in the Mets’ NLCS clincher as he allowed just one earned run in 4.2 innings. He threw some excellent pitches, including this Curveball to Starlin Castro that struck him out despite hitting the Cubs middle infielder in the foot. (Thanks to Reddit user Dr****MD for the tip!)

Clayton Kershaw’s Curveball – Kershaw got the job done in Flushing, sending the club back to L.A. to settle the series in NLDS Game 5. All of his pitches were working, and we got another classic look at his signature Curveball when he froze David Wright in the sixth.

GIF Of The Divisional Series

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