2020 Player Profiles Hub Page

Pitcher List's 2020 player profiles can be found here through the offseason!

For the first time, Pitcher List will be creating profiles for every fantasy-relevant player for 2020. Every hitter, reliever, prospect, and starter will have a detailed projection and outline for the season ahead.

We’re going through them team-by-team starting November 4 and carrying through January.

Use this hub page to access each article and read the discussion for each individual player as they release.

2020 Player Profiles

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former college pitcher, travel coach, pitching coach, and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

5 responses to “2020 Player Profiles Hub Page”

  1. Greg says:

    Great info…please keep it coming

  2. Cole says:

    This table hasn’t been updated in over a week, yet I see new posts in the Recent Posts section. Would be nice to have this updated for easier access.

  3. Denim d says:

    I am completely unable to view the pitching gifs on my iPhone I was just wondering if there was something I could do to fix this?

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