A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and 4 Beautiful Things From Wednesday

Baseball lost an icon on Wednesday.

In a sad bit of news, Tom Seaver passed away on Wednesday. “The Franchise” is the best New York Met of all time, an upper-crust Hall of Famer and a 300-game winner. Seaver steered the ship that took the Miracle Mets to a World Series championship in 1969. That season, Seaver went 25-7 with a 2.21 ERA over 273 1/3 innings. Before Seaver, the Mets were nothing. He gave them an identity, credibility, and a World Series ring.

Take a minute to watch some Tom Seaver highlights, because if you love pitching, there weren’t many in the history of the game who did it better than Tom Terrific. Though it’s hard to lose an icon, tragedy provides opportunity: for reflection, for growth, and for the perspective to appreciate another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

This is Wednesday baseball.


It’s a Neighborly Day in This Beautywood


Trusting smile. Grandfatherly gait. Pleasantly off-key singing voice. No, I’m not talking about Derek Holland:

What sells the scene is the moment Mr. Rogers takes off his blazer, hangs it up in the front closet, and swaps it out for a neat, zip-up sweater. Practically speaking, there’s not much difference between Mr. Rogers’ sweater and a hoodie or whatever we might throw on today, but there’s something so quaint about a grandfatherly fellow of that generation really letting loose–with cozy formal sweaterwear.

Oh and I almost forgot: I am talking about Derek Holland.


I can only hope that when Derek Holland made it back to his hotel room tonight after another long, difficult day at the office, that he unbuttoned his jersey, hung it up in the closet, and treated himself to an evening hug from mister sweater. He deserves it.

After all, it was a rough day at the office: five innings, five runs, three earned in a loss to the Cubs. This, after two months of living in a weird, traveling, quasi-quarantine and sporting a very neighborly 7.29 ERA for the worst team in baseball. At least he’s got sweet kicks.


Ozuna and Duvall Equal to Ruth and Gehrig?


You’re skeptical. Which is understandable. But stats are stats, and these stats from StatsByStats are… stats.

There have been a lot of great twosomes in baseball. Gimme Big Mac and Canseco, Big Papi and Manny, and of course, Ozuna and Duvall? A fairly shocking amount of history being made by these two Atlanta Braves. Yesterday, Ozuna became the first National League player to hit three home runs in a game at Fenway Park. Today, Adam Duvall shrugged and said that’s not so hard.

Duvall and Ozuna became the first teammates to post three-homer days in back-to-back games. Ruth and Gehrig completed their feat on May 30th and 31st of 1930, but a doubleheader on May 30th fit another nine innings between their triple-dinger games. (Remember when baseball games were nine innings?) Amazing stuff.


Great News, Baseball Fans! Vin Scully is Back!


On October 2, 2016, a deep, encompassing void was created within the game of baseball. That was the day Vin Scully retired after 67 years of calling baseball games. In his absence, all of the baseballsphere has made due with an array of commentators, some good, some bad, some ugly–but none to match the gravitas and mythological prestige of the one, the only, Vin Scully.

Remember this day, friends. It was on Wednesday September 2, 2020 that Twitter finally did something good. Vin Scully made his way to Twitter.


Could there be a more incongruous union than Vin Scully and his life-giving optimism joining us wretched dirt-dwellers on Twitter? Everybody better be on their best behavior! This man is a treasure! I love him so much, you guys. Between Tom Seaver’s passing, the Astros winning, and the Nationals posting another zero in their lackluster title defense–I needed this today.


The Count of Tampa Bay


Edmond Dantès escaped prison, sought and found treasure, assumed a new identity as the Count of Monte Cristo, returned home, re-befriended his nemesis, bided his time, and finally got his revenge. Mike Brosseau waited one day.

Can we call Brosseau “The Count?” Would that not be a sweet nickname?

In case you missed it, news came down on Wednesday that Yankees manager Aaron Boone and Rays manager Kevin Cash would receive a 1-game suspension, while Yankees’ closer Aroldis Chapman was hit with a three-game suspension for this pitch. Chapman’s errant fastball towards the head of Brosseau was certainly the most egregious and obvious almost-beanball, but the Rays played a role too.

Regardless, today belonged to the Rays. Not only did Chapman get hit with the suspension–which would amount to an eight-gamer were this a full 162-game season–but the Count of Tampa Bay got the best revenge possible:

I can’t help but find myself on the Rays end of this showdown. Chapman is the most-easily-villainized player on the most-easily-villainized team in baseball, but I’d like to believe there’s a righteousness to the Rays. If nothing else, the responses from each team’s manager to their punishment speak volumes:

Not a lot of graciousness on Boone’s end, but maybe he felt it was more important to take a stance protecting his player. Chapman insists there was no intention on his part, and I’m inclined to believe him–but it looked bad. Regardless, I’m willing to levy the suspension even for accidentally throwing that close to somebody’s head. Kudos to Brosseau for putting the focus back on the field.


Behind the Camera With Chicago’s Tim Anderson


There are a couple of things that leap to mind when I think about Tim Anderson:

  1. He’s among the best bat-flippers in the game.
  2. He’s a bad defensive shortstop, but the White Sox don’t seem to care.
  3. He loves to put on a show.

The above is why he’s the game’s premiere love-him-when-he’s-on-your-team, love-to-hate-him when-he’s-not player in baseball. But as much as I love to hate him–and I really do–he always makes me smile.

Today, for example, I learned that he not only loves being on camera, but he loves being working behind the scenes:

His batting glove really sells it. That’s how you know he’s working.

(You can now put all your Astros-related sign-stealing jokes in the comments.)

Enjoy another day of baseball, sports fans.


(Photo by Icon Sportswire)

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