A First Look at Bat Tracking

What do we make of the new bat tracking data?

Keep or Kut – Pete (@PeteBBaseball) and Chad (@chadyoung) are really intrigued by the new Statcast bat tracking data. They aren’t sure there are a ton of takeaways yet, but that won’t stop them from diving in. Plus, debating a couple of intriguing trade offers.

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3:50 – The new bat tracking data is another reminder that Giancarlo Stanton is utterly unique, but does it really tell us much right now?

14:38 – Should we be worried about hard swings being related to injuries?

24:43 – Who has the longest swing in MLB?

25:50 – What do we make of inconsistencies between EV and bat speed, particularly with someone like Corbin Carroll?

32:10 – Squared Up and Blasts look interesting, but there is still a lot of noise there, and it’s not clear this tells us more than existing Statcast data.

46:03 – Pete is trying to trade Xander Bogaerts and we are looking at a possible trade of Bogaerts and Yusei Kikuchi for Oneil Cruz.

54:52 – Chad is having a hard time giving up his last round Michael Harris II for Shohei Ohtani.

1:01:05 – A case study on why talent isn’t enough to win a league – strategy matters.

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Pete Ball

Pete Ball is a graduate of Emmanuel College and a die-hard Red Sox fan. Most of his work for Pitcher List can be heard, not read, on the Keep or Kut Podcast. Download and listen to hear his undying love for Tanner Houck.

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