Aaron Nola’s Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches From 6/21

Nate Watt breaks down the nastiest pitches frm Friday's games, including Aaron Nola's curveball and Trevor Bauer's slider.

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Aaron Nola’s Curveball




It’s been a mediocre year for Aaron Nola so far, as even with his 8 IP, 1 ER performance against the Marlins on Friday, he still owns just a 4.55 ERA. Hopefully, this start was a step in the right direction though, as he punched out 10 over eight, including this gorgeous fifth inning bender to Harold Ramirez.



Brad Peacock’s Slider




Though the Astros couldn’t muster much offensively against the Yanks, Brad Peacock more than did his part, striking out 11 over six innings of work. Peacock is turning in yet another solid campaign for the Astros, and the 31-year-old should be able to make a nice little bundle come his free agency after next season.



Stephen Strasburg’s Changeup




While his season numbers are hurt by an awful 6 ER start against the Diamondbacks, Stephen Strasburg owns a 3.43 ERA and a 10.67 K/9. The Nationals have started to heat up after an atrocious start to the year, and Strasburg should continue to be a major factor in that so long as he stays healthy.



Joe Musgrove’s Slider




Joe Musgrove has been an interesting player for fantasy owners this year, having some very high highs, and some very low lows. His season ERA is a poor 4.57 though, and his 7.33 K/9 isn’t doing him a ton of favours.



Dallas Keuchel’s Fastball




Dallas Keuchel got rather poor results in his first start since October 16, 2018. The bearded lefty allowed four runs while striking out just three in his Braves debut against the Nats. Unsurprisingly, a change of duds did not appear to fix Keuchel’s “not being very good” problem.



Trevor Bauer’s Slider




Remember earlier this year when Trevor Bauer was one of the best pitchers in baseball? Pepperidge Farms remembers. While Bauer may still be pitching with the consistency of Jordan Hick’s control, he still drops a nasty roundup worthy pitch every start, regardless of which Bauer shows up. Even with poor play though, he has a 3.69 ERA and can hopefully recapture the lightning in a bottle from the beginning of the season.



GIF of the Night


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