Adam Duvall Gets the Bat Rolling and the Best Bat Flips of Week 7

High-powered offenses, electrifying bat flips, and more!

Welcome back! This past slate of games saw an explosion of offensive might culminating in 29-9 and 19-0 games to end the week Wednesday. Along with that, we saw some amazing bat flips and drops, as well as something we have never seen before in the Best Bat Flips roundup. All that, and more coming up next. Here are the best bat flips of baseball’s Week 7.


7. Darin Ruf vs. Anthony Misiewicz



9/8 – SEA @ SF

390ft, 96.6 mph, 30° launch angle

Anthony Misiewicz had a Ruf night (why are you booing me? I’m right) when he gave up this tie-breaking solo shot to Darin Ruf in the bottom of the 7th Tuesday night. Ruf showed off a lightning-quick release here, spinning the bat right out of his hands and into the dirt.

Style: 7

Rotation: 180°

This Crowd: Ruf (you better hope he doesn’t make it back on this list, because the puns will not be stopping)


6. Pete Alonso vs. Albert Abreu



9/3 – NYY @ NYM

404ft, 106.3 mph, 28° launch angle

Pete Alonso ended Thursday night’s game with a bang when he connected with a 98 mph heater from New York’s Albert Abreu in the bottom of the 10th inning. The rain was coming down hard, but it just made for a Hobbsian environment as Alonso cast away his bat and pumped his arms around the bases.

Style: 8


Hype: 10


5. DJ Stewart vs. Miguel Yajure



9/5 – NYY @ BAL

404ft, 107.5 mph 32° launch angle

DJ Stewart had a killer weekend, where he homered in back-to-back games on Saturday and Sunday, including a two-dinger performance against the Yankees. His second home run in Saturday’s game came against Yankees reliever Miguel Yajure, and he followed it up with a clean yet understated bat flip after clearing Camden’s high wall in right field.

Style: 8

Rotation: 180°

Rocket: Launched


4. Miguel Sanó vs. Joe Jiménez



9/5 – DET @ MIN

414ft, 107.3 mph, 24° launch angle

If you’re detecting some animosity following Miguel Sanó’s tater off of Joe Jiménez, you’re not the only one. Their beef dates back to a heated game in 2019, when Sanó claims, “He struck me out with a slider in the dirt, and he told me, ‘Get the (expletive) out of here.'” So this big flip had some history behind it, as well as some chirping after Sanó took the pitcher 414 feet to cut Detroit’s lead over the Twins in half. You can see Sanó jawing at Jiménez here before passionately casting his bat aside, but all is all fair in bat flipping and war, or something.

Style: 8

Rotation: 270°

Desserts: Just (and delicious!)


3. Adam Duvall vs. Brandon Kintzler



9/7 – MIA @ ATL

449ft, 109.3 mph, 28° launch angle

Over the course of this season, we’ve featured bat flips, bat tosses, and bat drops, but have you ever seen… the bat roll? No? Neither have I. But that’s because it’s the first of its kind, and Adam Duvall debuted it on the national stage following a monster home run off of Brandon Kintzler Monday afternoon. Duvall rolls his bat like a bowling ball down into the grass along the first base line, clocking a solid 20 feet before the camera cuts away. Some say the bat is still rolling to this day.

Style: 8.5


Inventiveness: 10


2. Willson Contreras vs. Jake Woodford



9/4 – STL @ CHC

412ft, 108.2 mph, 22° launch angle

Willson Contreras gave Jake Woodford the business on Friday night as he hit one far beyond the ivy to put the Cubs up 4-1 in the 6th. He then sent his bat through the spin cycle, clocking a tight two rotations with one flick of his wrist as he jogged down to first. That’s a quality flip, and accordingly brought his teammates sitting on the bench to their feet.

Style: 8.5

Rotation: 720°

Spin Efficiency: 9.5


1. Yasmani Grandal vs. Kris Bubic



9/5 – KC @ CWS

436ft, 106.1 mph, 26° launch angle

Yasmani Grandal continued his reign as one of the top bat flipping catchers in the league when he straight up assassinated this 3-2, two-out fastball from Kansas City’s Kris Bubic on Saturday. He diverged a little from his traditional jaw and bat dropping celebration here by rotating his lumber straight back, resulting in a very cool toss as the bat spun out of his hand. He gets some impressive distance here, considering the angle, and his bat actually almost connects with the umpire as he takes his first steps down the line.

Style: 9

Rotation: Straight Back

Je ne sais quoi: 9


We hope you enjoyed this week’s batch of flips, drops, and now bat rolls. Tune in next time, and until then, have a fantastic week.


Photo Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Michael Packard (@designsbypack on Twitter & IG)

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