An Open Letter from Ray Kinsella to our Fans

A special contribution to Pitcher List

It seems just yesterday that I was a simple farmer, scraping by with our annual corn yields when that fateful voice reached out to me and encouraged me to build our little slice of heaven here in Iowa.

In that time, we’ve been fortunate to provide great baseball to you, our fans, played by the ghosts of some of the greatest players of all time. We couldn’t be more thankful for the time we’ve experienced with all of you who have come from miles around to sit in your shirtsleeves on a Sunday afternoon enjoying this great game of baseball. Our field is our home — literally. For years, we’ve been thrilled to open our home to your families, and hope to do so for generations to come.

Iowa has not, however, been immune from the economic realities of today’s game.

In order to provide our fans with a world-class and streamlined synergy, we must move forward with a new Field of Dreams — one that will ensure mystic baseball stays here in our local community for the foreseeable future.

We will create a new stadium, here in our cornfield, that is expected to generate over $200 billion in new local revenue. The new stadium will also create jobs for our region — not just in construction, but we will also be able to attract “Ghost Busters” from New York City to ensure no unwanted spirits or demons cross over while our great players enter through the corn.

In order to stay economically competitive with our peers in baseball, we will also begin an exciting new phase of the Field of Dreams Coca-Cola Field, presented by Chase Sapphire. Development around the stadium will add an additional 2 million jobs to our family farm. From a Ghiradelli chocolate shop to a Sephora store, our corporate partners will provide the exact experience our baseball community has come to expect.

An additional five billion living tourists will come to our community each season, stimulating economic growth throughout the region.

We are committed to providing $1 billion of our own money into the project and hope we can count on the support of the county to invest in making our small corner of Iowa the premier destination for both baseball fans and occultists alike. Halloween in particular will be a new revenue stream, as I’ve talked to the players about really playing up their ghostiness over the fall season.

Again, we couldn’t imagine doing this anywhere else. Unless of course, we are not able to receive the types of community and state investment that our peers have been awarded — in which case we would unfortunately have to imagine doing this somewhere else.

It’s not heaven, it’s Iowa. But if we’re not careful, it could be Montreal. Or Charlotte.

Thank you in advance for your support of our game, and our Field. We are committed to providing the very best entertainment for your dollar, as we always have. We don’t mind if you look around and hope you’ll pass over your (tax) money without thinking.

I am committed to continuing the legacy left to me by my father-in-law, from whom I inherited this farm. It is our responsibility to drive community impact, economic opportunity, and revenue from our game of former players from the afterlife.

I look forward to our continued partnership together, and having a catch.

Very sincerely,

Ray Kinsella, Chairman and CEO

Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts is a baseball columnist for Pitcher List. His work has been featured on Baseball Prospectus, the Hardball Times, and October. He's still getting used to the DH in the national league. @seanroberts.bsky.social

3 responses to “An Open Letter from Ray Kinsella to our Fans”

  1. Sam Hain says:

    And please remember: the fields are for players and assorted supernatural entities only.
    Although there are unauthorized tours being offered for “pay what you can”, we highly advise against engaging with the children of the corn.

  2. J.C. Aoudad says:

    If Shoeless Joe hated the lights, then I can’t imagine he’ll be too pleased about this new development …

    (Well done, Sean!)

  3. Rich Bastard says:

    So how we acquire corporate suites? Our VIPs don’t want to be with the first row plebes.

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