Announcing the Ottonewbs Post-Auction Draft Recap Show!

Join us for our Post-Auction Draft Recap Show!

If you’ve been following Pitcher List’s Ottonewbs adventure into our first official Ottoneu league, you know we are about to embark into our second year draft this Saturday! Last month we had a truly incredible offseason recap show hosted by yours truly where we reviewed how arbitration worked with the man, the myth, the legend, Niv himself (where better to learn than right from the creator himself?!). Commissioner Mark McElroy and I looked at where every team stood heading into the draft and were even joined by Ottoneu giants, Justin Vibber and Chad Young, to take a big picture look at strategy and navigating the various traps and opportunities presented throughout the offseason!

But now we stand here on the precipice of the draft and given that we survive it (I don’t know if anyone remembers how Dave Cherman and I looked after the Livecast last year, but we were tiiiiiiired), we’ve decided we should do an update show to tell you how everyone made out on draft night! With that in mind, Sunday night at 9 PM EST I will again doff my hosting hat and we will be commandeering the Pitcher List Twitch Channel to do a post draft show! Again we’ll have plenty of guests as we break down how each team did, and we’ll talk in season roster management strategy and which teams we think are best situated to win it all! Here are the official details for the show:

What: Ottonewbs Second Year Ottoneu Auction Draft Recap Show!

When: Sunday March 14th @ 9 PM EST

Where: You can watch on Twitch, Periscope, and Youtube at the official Pitcher List Channels!

Come join us on Sunday, it’s going to be a really fun and informative show, and if nothing else, you’ll get to watch us talk trash to each other all night long! See you then!

Daniel Port

Daniel is a Fantasy Baseball writer, Brewer, and Theatrical Technician, located in Denver, Colorado. A lifelong fan of baseball and the Cleveland Indians since before Albert Belle tried to murder Fernando Vina, he used to tell his Mom he loved her using Sammy Sosa's home run salute, has a perfectly reasonable amount of love for Joey Votto and believes everything in life should be announced using bat flips. If you want to talk baseball, beer, or really anything at all you can find him on twitter at @DanielJPort !

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