Bat Heists, Muffins, & Baseball’s Most Legendary Matchup

Noah & Brandon explore an infamous bat heist, Paige vs. Gibson, & more!

Short Hops & Tall Tales — Join us for a very special LIVE episode, recorded at Pitcher List’s 2022 Pitch Con!! Brandon & Noah team up to help raise money for Feeding America, and break out two iconic stories from baseball history. Noah spins a tale straight out of a Mission Impossible film with Jason Grimsley’s infamous ‘bat heist’ of 1994, and Brandon unearths a legendary battle between two of the game’s greatest, Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson. PLUS: A cameo from Pitcher List himself, Nick Pollack! Tune in!



(03:12) Pickoff Trivia: World Series HR Heroes!

(06:26) Jason Grimsley’s Legendary Bat Heist!

(21:13) The Pickle Jar: “Muffinism”

(26:41) The 1942 Negro League World Series

(43:46) Pickoff Trivia: Postseason Grand Larcenists

(44:35) Rent/Extend/Cut: Edgar, Kenny, & Chase!

(55:13) Nick Pollack’s Picks!


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Podcast cover art by Justin Paradis

Noah Scott

Noah Scott is a long-suffering baseball writer and knuckleball connoisseur. If you want to talk old timey baseball names, traffic on the 405, or lukewarm hip-hop opinions you can find him on Twitter @noahascott6

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