The 5 Best MLB Moments from Thursday

The best MLB moments from a jam-packed Thursday.

Jesús “Swiper” Aguilar

Jesús, that’s not your card! The man isn’t known for stealing bases, per se, but if you happen to reach first base and look the other way, the pickpocket himself, Jesús Aguilar, might get you! Dominic Smith was just trying to celebrate reaching base and Aguilar said “Oh? Is this for me?” Even the first base coach was caught looking at Smith. Do we have any idea what that card might say? Maybe Smith was just carrying around a card that says “Aguilar sucks” and knew he was going to reach base; that would be in the running for best on-field prank. Or, Aguilar just stole the secret formula for beating Nick Neidert and the Marlins. The card might have just said “fake a swing and get hit on your arm inside the zone.”


Luis Arraez, Power Thief


Arráez stock: ?

Nelson Cruz stock: ?

Attention, Wacky League, PL+ Community Members, PL Staff Members, and TGFBI players: Now that Luis Arráez has stolen the power of Nelson Cruzmaking Cruz essentially worthless as a fantasy contributor, I will gladly take any shares of Cruz off of your hands. He’s clearly no longer worth your time or investment. I will be kind and take him off of your hands for free, if you like!

Continuing his campaign for Most Wholesome Ballplayer (MWP), Arráez had a heartwarming message for those who came out to Target Field to watch their boys play. What a nice guy!

Speaking of Target Field fans, here’s another interesting tidbit from today’s Twins game:

Unfortunately, I could not find video of the Garlick section, but I’m all for some blowout entertainment. Garlick’s got to stay invested in the action somehow, right?


Wholesome Content II: Electric Boogaloo


Today, in nice, happy news: Kolten Wong returned to St. Louis, where he played from 2013-2020, in a new uniform. Wong had several productive years with the team and most notably hammered a walk-off home run against the Giants in Game 2 of the 2014 NLCS.

Cardinals fans sure do know how to treat their players right. Nothing but class. Even showing up in a rival team’s uniform wasn’t enough to prevent the fans from giving him a really nice round of applause.

What’s that famous quote from “A League of Their Own?” Something like: “There’s occasional crying in baseball!”

Even Tom Hanks has to be okay with this one.


Your Daily Ohtani Reaction Post


Another day, another highly blessed GIF of everyone’s favorite two-way player (Not you, Brendan McKay.). We are contractually required to post every good moment of Ohtani (Sorry, I don’t make the rules!), so here is today’s moment of goodness:

In this one, Ohtani is celebrating an RBI single that tied the game at 5 apiece. When Ohtani inevitably does something good tomorrow, be sure to check back in with us for the clip and the appropriate overreaction.


The Jonathan Davis Saga


Jonathan Davis, part 1:

Jonathan Davis, part 2:

Was it a balk by Cishek? Maybe.

And then they went into extra innings. By the way, because Davis was pinch running for Rowdy Tellez, who pinch-hit for Danny Jansen, Alejandro Kirk had to be substituted in for Davis. Kirk became the runner on second base in the bottom of the 10th inning. A splitter from Junior Guerra in the bottom of the 10th was partially mishandled by Kurt SuzukiNow, I’m not saying that someone else would have made it to third on the dropped ball by Suzuki, but … it certainly didn’t help that 2nd-percentile sprint speed Alejandro Kirk was the runner.

Photo by Icon Sportswire | Adapted by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns on Twitter)

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