Best Social Distancing Plays – Week 4

The good, the bad, and the downright strange (whilst staying safe).

As we remain socially distant from the game, let us celebrate those who did it best, followed the rules, and played “safe” baseball. Let’s also look at those who fell short.


The Mascots Are Killing It


Championing social distancing from the outset, the mascots of Major League Baseball have really set the standard when it comes to spreading the message of staying safe. This week, they have been in top form and brought plenty of entertainment and enjoyment with their actions whilst also getting the important message across. First up are the safe-distancing Pirates Pierogies…



They are also making themselves very useful with the absence of fans in the stands, just like Fredbird in St. Louis.



However, a reminder it is always important to stay alert when social distancing in the stands. Just ask poor T. Bear in Oakland.



Good to see he came back the next day despite a mild concussion. His friend decided to wear a helmet, just in case. Very good form.




Tag Avoidance Therapy


It really should be a thing! Last week we showed you the improbable dodge technique of Francisco Lindor as he managed to socially distance enough to steal second base under the gaze of Nick Madrigal. This week, we have two nominations to send to tag avoidance therapy – Josh Hader and Todd Frazier. First up is the Brewers closer, who really did his best to not tag out the ducking and weaving Javier Baez.




Luckily the call was overturned on replay so it looks like Josh gets off this one. So, the winner has to be poor Todd Frazier, who got taken to the cleaners by the enigmatic Fernando Tatis Jr., who stole this base when he really shouldn’t have.




The Worst Ball Of All Time


The strike zone provokes healthy debate on a daily basis in baseball. Tune into any game at any time and you will likely see or hear a conversation (or more likely, an argument) about whether the last pitch was a strike or not. And that’s a good thing. It is one of the pure elements of the game and to take away that human factor would, I think, be a shame. That said, there is no excuse to use social distancing as a reason for missed calls like this, umpire Jeremie Rehak! Josh Staumant gets maybe the worst called ball of all time.




The Fox Sports Kansas City broadcasters Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler could not believe their eyes and neither could you, me or anyone else watching at home. But, maybe there is a simple reason we are overlooking. It was a 100 mph heater…



Use Of Glove Preferred


The global pandemic has certainly made us all more conscious of what we are touching, and the use of gloves is highly recommended on all accounts. Not sure this is what that means, however, Alex Verdugo.



Socially Distant Soto


If we were to create an award for the most socially distant at-bat from a hitter then Washington Nationals superstar Juan Soto might already be a shoo-in to take the crown. Up against Miami Marlins reliever Stephen Tarpley, “Childish Bambino” couldn’t have tried harder to stay as far away as possible from the pitches – the first pitch he turns his back away from the ball but it lands in for a strike; the second pitch he chases a ball way low and away. He just about refrains from chasing a similar pitch way, way down for pitch three, and finally he succumbs to another very similar slider low and away. The perfect socially distant at-bat.


Dancing Alone Is Ok


Shortstop Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox had himself a night on Tuesday with a four-hit game to continue his electric start to the season. Here is his leadoff home run off newcomer Tarik Skubal.



If you have a night like this then you’ve earned the right to dance however you please.





Keep A Safe Distance From Neighbors


Eloy Jimenez has had an interesting few days, finding himself tumbling into the nets in left field at least twice in the past week. So, teammate Luis Robert didn’t want him doing the same thing in the “grey zone” between left and center field, his domain. Now, he probably took some liberty with his claim of territory.



Despite this clear invasion of his space, Eloy did have the discipline to stay socially distant and let his teammate slightly humiliate him, haha! The look says it all.




There was so fun news to come out of this with the entire incident giving ave to a whole new meme.



Tweet me your version of this meme to @benjaminhaller1 and be sure to join me next week for more of the best socially distanced baseball from week five.


Featured Image by Justin Paradis (@FreshMeatComm on Twitter)

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