Best Social Distancing Plays – Week 6

The good, the bad, and the downright strange (whilst staying safe).

As we remain socially distant from the game, let us celebrate those who did it best, followed the rules, and played “safe” baseball. Let’s also look at those who fell short.


Tag Avoidance Therapy


Our weekly feature of highlighting the fielders who need a session of “Tag Avoidance Therapy” (the art of the runner managing an act of socially distant contortionism to avoid what should be a routine tag) continues. And we have our first pitcher, Ross Stripling of the Los Angeles Dodgers (pre-trade!) doing his best to completely miss Ronald Guzmán of the Texas Rangers.




Quite the nifty sidestep from the young Ranger, followed by the look of disappointment from Stripling when he realizes he will be sent to “Tag Avoidance Therapy” this week!





The Amazing Masked Kike


Masks are becoming more than a required protocol of the game, they are also becoming a way to communicate. Or, in Kike Hernández’s case maybe they are just an extension of your face? Either way, wear a mask and stay safe people!



Flaherty Looks Out For The Elderly


We all know the most vulnerable to COVID-19 are the elderly, so it was good to see Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty looking out for them, and by them I mean teammate Adam Wainwright.



The Worst Socially Distanced Fielding Of The Week


This week’s award will go to the Chicago White Sox, it just depends on which play—Adam Engel is the first candidate thanks to this abysmal effort at fielding this slow-rolling ball in right field on Monday night.




His teammates were obviously watching his fielding too closely—a mere two days later, the entire infield managed to concoct this mess that led to Tim Anderson throwing the ball away to allow Miguel Sano to score.




Turn on the circus music, please! To be fair the cameraman behind the plate does a great job following this debacle.




Fredbird Hoovering!


Last week, we showed much-loved St. Louis Cardinals mascot Fredbird taking things a bit too far with a naked birdbath. This week he decided to socially isolate and help the maintenance team with some chores—hoovering the cutouts!



Hands Off Albert, No Touching!


I don’t care how many home runs you have hit Albert Pujols, the rules are the rules, obey them! The great first baseman got a little too handsy with Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager after a pop up foul nearly dropped into the Angels dugout.



Be sure to join me next week for more of the best socially distanced baseball from week 7.


Featured Image by Justin Paradis (@FreshMeatComm on Twitter)

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