Blake Snell’s Curveball and the Nastiest Pitches From 7/6

John Vaghi breaks down the nasty pitches from Saturday's games, including Blake Snell's Curveball and Chaz Roe's Slider.

Every morning, we review the nastiest pitches from the previous day’s games in glorious high-definition GIFs. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pitch and check back this weekend to see if it will be in contention for the GIF of the Third Quarter Contest. Did we miss your favorite pitch? Send us a tweet next time @PitcherList, and we’ll GIF it up and give you a shoutout here in the article.


Blake Snell’s Curveball


Snell has had a rough go over the course of the season—although his peripherals look good, he hasn’t gotten the results that he has wanted. Spinners like these keep us optimistic that he’s going to turn to corner and become the bonafide superstar that he was last year.


CC Sabathia’s Slider


CC has lost the hard gas he was know for—he is still very effective, however. Similar to Zack Greinke, it doesn’t matter if he is throwing sub-80, if the location is good and movement sharp, he can still get guys.


Chaz Roe’s Slider


I CAN’T GET ENOUGH ROE. When he’s on, he may just be the most fun pitcher to watch in all of Major League Baseball. More sliders please, sir.


Max Scherzer’s Slider


Max Scherzer is “on”. His last eight starts: 57IP, 6 ER, 83k, 8BB, 0.95 ERA, 0.77 WHIP. As baseball fans, all subsequent starts should be appointment television. This is one of the all-time greats experiencing an all-time-great stretch. Let’s hope the All-Star Break doesn’t derail him.


BONUS: Chaz Roe’s Slider


We here at PitcherList love Chaz Roe. What’s not to love? Sick movement, great location all in one-to-two inning packages. Long story short, Gary Sanchez did not have a fun day today.


GIF of the Night


Which was your favorite pitch? Vote below, and the winner will be featured in the GIF of the Third Quarter Contest.


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  1. Aaron says:

    It looks like Roe is throwing a whiffle ball.

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