Blooper Paints the Corners and 5 Amusing Things from Monday

Mondays, am I right?

These days, off the field issues can sometimes make it hard to feel positive about baseball. Luckily for us though, the game itself is still tons of fun to watch and play. Let’s take a break from the headlines and dive into all of the fun things that happened yesterday throughout MLB. Here are the best things you missed from Monday.


Cutch Makes a Fan’s Day



How can you not love Andrew McCutchen? (Well okay, maybe if your name is Bob Nutting.) Regardless, Cutch gave us all a laugh in last night’s matchup against the Yankees when he caught an Aaron Judge fly ball to retire the side, before turning around and scanning the empty outfield seats for a nonexistent fan to flip the ball to. After a few seconds, he found his buddies in the bullpen and sent the kids home with a souvenir. Cutch is truly a man of the people.


Willson Contreras Gets Beat Up




Catchers have a rough life. When they’re not shredding their knees and thighs crouching for three hours, they’re sacrificing their body to block baseballs and taking shots from foul balls and batters alike. Willson Contreras had one of those rough nights Monday when he took multiple hits to the mask and shoulder throughout the game. Contreras seemed to just keep getting battered over the course of this Alex Gordon at-bat, getting nailed by Gordon’s backswing not once, but twice! Contreras must be a man of incredible patience, however, as he kept his cool despite the pummeling. Still, I’d argue Gordon owes him a dinner after this one. Yikes.


Blooper Paints The Corners




Blooper, the Braves’ terrifying flesh-colored mascot, was very busy during Atlanta’s faceoff with the Mets last night, seemingly doing everything he could to get Jacob deGrom off of his rhythm. In the bottom of the third, he even carted out his easel and began to work on his masterpiece behind home plate. Blooper might need to work a bit on his messaging though, as this comes off more as a tip of the cap to deGrom’s pinpoint control than a dig on the superstar pitcher.


deGrom vs. Hand Sanitizer



On second thought, maybe I need to give Blooper’s antics a little more credit. Jacob deGrom had a frustrating start last night, which is hilarious because he still struck out 10 while only allowing 2 runs in his 6 innings of work in a 7-1 Mets win (I wish my nights were that frustrating). After returning to the dugout, deGrom took his anger out on the Mets’ poor hand sanitizer dispenser, almost slapping it off of the wall with his glove. However, the ace quickly realized that the team actually probably needed the sanitizer, and sheepishly straightened it out like a good lad. Maybe take a swing at the dugout phone next time, those things are loaded with germs.


Cueto Messes With Timing (& Almost Falls Over)



Speaking of players you can’t help but love, here’s Johnny Cueto putting on a master class in irritating batters from the mound. Known far and wide for his funky pitching motion, Cueto almost loses his balance here as he wobbles back in forth while delivering a 1-1 pitch the Rockies’ Chris Owings. It seems to work out though, as he induces the groundball to end the inning. If nothing else, you can always expect a Cueto start to be an entertaining time.


Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Noah Scott

Noah Scott is a long-suffering baseball writer and knuckleball connoisseur. If you want to talk old timey baseball names, traffic on the 405, or lukewarm hip-hop opinions you can find him on Twitter @noahascott6

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