Catchers to Stream for Week 20 (8/20-8/26)

Dave Cherman reviews the streaming options at catcher for Week 20.

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For some background on this article, check out Week 2’s article.

Reviewing Last Week

I’m writing this Sunday morning, so the week is not yet complete, but let’s look at how Austin did with last week’s streamers.

Elias Diaz (Pittsburgh Pirates) — 2/7, 1 HR

I acknowledged that this stream only counted if Cervelli went to the DL. Wasn’t totally awful anyway though, as Diaz clocked a homer. Cervelli is still under contract for one more year, which delays our ability to see Diaz in a starting role.

Yan Gomes (Cleveland Indians) — 5/14, 1 R, 2 RBI

A .357 AVG with something to account for in the counting stats is a win in catcher streaming. Of course we want a HR, but you get what you get and you don’t get upset. We’re not in kindergarten, Dave. I know, but it’s still a good rule sometimes.

Austin Hedges (San Diego Padres) — 1/19, 1 RBI

Hedges entered the week hitting .262, and enters Sunday hitting .243…. yikes. I’m really sorry guys.

Dave’s Streaming Record: 26-22

Austin’s Streaming Record: 6-3


Looking Forward

Before we get to this week’s streamers, a few notes:

  • Wilson Ramos is back and is mashing for your fantasy teams again.
  • John Hicks is likely done for the season after hip surgery. Goodnight, sweet prince. We had some fun days in April and May.
  • Austin Romine is considered day-to-day after taking a foul tip off the mask. The team said he passed concussion protocol and I expect him to sit today and be back in the lineup after Monday’s off day. Kyle Higashioka will start in the interim, but he’s not someone you want on your fantasy team.
  • Taylor Ward is up for the Angels and worth a look after this week. He hit .352/.442/.537 over 267 AAA PAs this year, and has continued to hit since his callup last week. He has a rough draw this week, getting the Astros for three and Diamondbacks for two with 2 days off. After this week, I’m all over him for streaming.
  • Shoutout to Kevin Plawecki and his 6/16 week with 8 RBI. He’ll likely never do that again.

Without further ado, let’s check out this week’s streamers:

Chris Iannetta (Colorado Rockies) — I need to disclaim the fact that I don’t think Chris Iannetta is very good. However, the Rox play 6 games at home this week- 3 vs San Diego and 3 vs St. Louis. Miles Mikolas is on tap for the first game of the Cards series, but it’s smooth sailing besides that. The really troubling thing with Iannetta is that he may only get 3 starts this week as he’s in a near 50/50 timeshare with Tony Wolters. It’s a roll of the dice with high upside.

Austin Romine (New York Yankees) — Just like last week, this one is predicated on Romine actually playing, but all reports seem to lean in that direction. The Yankees’ offense hasn’t been the juggernaut that we saw earlier in the year, but the Bombers get 2 in Miami, then 4 in Baltimore between two off days (Saturday doubleheader in Baltimore). If he comes back healthy, he’ll get 4-5 starts this week and I’m firing him up for that.

Danny Jansen (Toronto Blue Jays) — In last week’s article, someone pointed out that Jansen got the call and I should’ve mentioned him for a stream. I typically am very hesitant on rookie catchers because catchers have the most to learn when moving to a new level- a catcher has a brand new pitching staff to learn and they’re working with the best pitchers they’ve ever worked with. Ok, it’s the Blue Jays so pretty ok pitchers- let’s not get carried away. Anyway, Jansen hit .429 with a homer last week, and my point remains the same, but he did hit .275/.390/.473 in 360 AAA PAs this year and has the ability to do some damage. I’m still low on him for the year, but when you get 3 games against Baltimore and 3 against the Phillies, but not Aaron Nola, you’re lined up for success.

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