Charlie Morton’s Curveball + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Monday’s Games

Check out the nine nastiest pitches from Monday's games.

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Charlie Morton’s Curveball – Morton had an 18.5% whiff rate on his curveball Monday (and many called strikes) on his way to shutting down the Yankees 9 game winning streak.  Morton struck out 10 over 7.2 innings and 4 of those Ks came on his deadly curve.

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Jake Faria’s Changeup – A nasty pitch that drops down and in on right handed hitters, Faria’s pitch is more like a split changeup.  He had an insane 29.2% whiff rate on this usually unhittable pitch.

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Dellin Betances‘ Slider – George Springer didn’t stand a change with this huge slider on an 0-2 count.  Not only does this slider have huge movement, it drops at the end – right under Springer outstretched bat.

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Jameson Taillon’s Curveball – Huge 1-0 pitch that looks like a strike until it’s late dive bombing action.  Trea Turner wasn’t hitting this pitch.  Nope.  Nada.

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Trevor Hildenberger’s Changeup – This disappearing changeup gave Curtis Granderson a one way trip to the dugout.  He only threw 4 of them but generated whiffs on two.

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Adam Ottavino’s Slider – Oh Adam – you and your voodoo sure know how to throw a slider.  Just plain not fair to Albert Almora Jr. who should have just sat down as soon as this pitch was released – because why bother??

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Sonny Gray’s Fastball -Yuri Gurriel’s swing was as much defense as it was – what the hell do I do with this pitch?  I mean, it was “almost” hittable until it bent in at Gurriel’s belt.

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Trevor Bauer’s Curveball – Up, up – nope, just kidding – down.  Bauer had a nearly 21% whiff rate on his curve and one look at this pitch will show you why.

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Kyle Freeland’s Slider – Javier Baez almost got hit in the ankle by this filthy slider that started near the outside corner and ended up about mid way in the batter’s box.  Good night on that one!

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  1. Effem says:

    I vote for Hader

  2. Dan Doherty says:

    Voted Morton out of respect of his entire game last night. His curveball was filthy and untouchable all night. I was expecting the one that caught the inside corner against Andujar to be on here.

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