Chaz Roe’s Slider and the Nastiest Pitches From 4/13

John Vaghi examines the eight nastiest pitches from Friday's games, including pitches from Chaz Roe, Madison Bumgarner, Blake Snell and Justin Verlander.

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Chaz Roe’s Slider




We here in Pitcher List’s Nastiest Pitches Lab love Chaz Roe. His slider has some of the most profound movement of any pitch in the game and when it’s well placed, there aren’t many pitches that are nastier. This breaker to Teoscar Hernandez belongs in a museum. Chaz, please stay healthy and keep making baseballs look like wiffleballs.


Madison Bumgarner’s Curveball




The Old Dog Madison Bumgarner uses an old trick to ring up his fellow starter Kyle Freeland. This pitcher-on-pitcher crime might have caught just a tad too much plate for MadBum to be comfortable with this one against a position player, but it got the job done against Freeland. Bumgarner has been off to a hot start in 2019, which is nice to see after an out-of-the-ordinary mediocre season last year.


Kyle Freeland’s Slider




MMMM. I just love borderline backdoor breakers, especially ones where a batter reacts like Evan Longoria does here. Kyle Freeland and the Colorado Rockies have gotten off to a rough start this year, but if he keeps placing sliders in that spot he has a chance to climb back to his impressive 2018 level.


Blake Snell’s Curveball




Blake Snell is so much fun to watch. He mixes high 90’s heat, a surprising changeup and devastating curves like this one into a pot… and out pop stellar outings like todays 6IP, 0ER, 1H, 1BB, 9K gem against the Jays. Snell has been on fire since his poor outing on Opening Day; in his last 3 starts he’s gone 19 IP, 1ER, 9H, 2BB, 33K. Smells like he’s cooking up another dominant year.

Rick Porcello’s Slider




The Boston Red Sox have been off to a well documented slow start to the 2019 season. Even with sharp sliders like this one, Rick Porcello wasn’t able to do his part today—he allowed 11 baserunners and 3 earned runs in 4 innings, leading to another Red Sox loss.


Reyes Moronta’s Changeup




This was Reyes Moronta’s third straight changeup to Charlie Blackmon—all perfectly placed low and away. He and battery mate Buster Posey obviously had a game plan for this at bat; it’s always satisfying to watch a late-inning reliever go into an at bat with a purpose and execute flawlessly. This was an extremely impressive outing for the big man (he struck out the side). If he can continue to pitch like this, he could garner a hefty haul for the Giants at the deadline.


Justin Verlander’s Slider




Well, here he is. Justin Verlander just keeps spinning it year after year. It was very hard to pick one pitch from this start, as he had everything going. Not much more to say than this is a perfectly placed pitch; you just gotta feel bad for Tim Beckham here.


BONUS: Chaz Roe’s Slider (take two)




Yuck. Ew. This classic Chaz Roe slider caused Brandon Drury to shuffle right out of the box. Brandon, if you’re reading this, we don’t blame you. It’s not your fault. Unfortunately for Roe, this was called a ball (!!!), and the Rays took the loss north of the border.


GIF of the Night

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4 responses to “Chaz Roe’s Slider and the Nastiest Pitches From 4/13”

  1. KnuckleSlider says:

    Was gonna vote Moronta over Roe…until that second take.

    Also, Moronta doesn’t even have his change listed on his repertoire page yet.

    Also, while I’m here, Kyle Wright’s repertoire page shows gifs of his curveball for all four of his off-speed pitches.

  2. Dan Lane says:

    1. Autocorrect messed up a great pun at the end of Blake Snells section
    2. The writer missed the opportunity completely (never thought about it)
    3. The writer thought about it (too obvious of a pun to make) and still spelled it Smells.

    Can’t decide what’s worse. #3 I think.

    • John Vaghi says:

      I honestly never thought about it. Will definitely keep that one in the bank for the future though.

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