Chris Paddack’s Changeup and the Nastiest Pitches From 8/17

Nate Watt breaks down the nastiest pitches from Friday's games, including Chris Paddack's changeup and Justin Verlander's slider.

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Chris Paddack’s Changeup


His performance has cooled significantly since his meteoric first half, but Chris Paddack still managed to strike out 6 over 4 2/3 IP. His 4.96 second-half ERA is less than ideal, and his 7.98 ERA in August doubly so. Despite this though, it’s been a wholly good rookie season for the 23-year-old hurler. He should be among the better pitchers in the MLB for years to come.


Charlie Morton’s Curveball


Charlie Morton continued his ridiculous ways at age 35 on Friday, allowing just 3 H and striking out 10 over 6 IP. It’s his sixth 10 strikeout performance of the season, and it boosted his K/9 to a spectacular 11.2 mark. Morton is likely the front-runner for the AL Cy Young right now and will be an integral part of the Rays’ playoff push.


Aroldis Chapman’s Slider


Aroldis Chapman has been having one of the better reliever seasons in baseball this season, owning a 2.40 ERA with 34 saves in 51 outings. Additionally, he’s struck out 13.1 batters per 9, though his WHIP is the highest it’s been since his sophomore season in 2011. The bullpen is one of the biggest reasons the Yankees have been so dominant this season, and Aroldis Chapman and Adam Ottavino are the leaders of that charge.


Adrian Houser’s Fastball


It’s been a nice couple weeks for the Brewers’ rookie hurler, as Adrian Houser owns a 1.38 ERA and 9.7 K/9 in that span. No puking this time, but the results were just as good for Houser on Friday: 2 H and 4 K’s over 7 IP. The Brewers haven’t exactly set the world on fire in terms of starting pitching, so a continued stretch of success for Houser would go a long way to securing the NL Central in a tight divisional race.


Justin Verlander’s Slider


One of the stronger contenders for the AL Cy Young alongside Morton, Justin Verlander doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit, even at 36. He’s posted a 2.81 ERA and 12.1 K/9 in this his 15th season and has seemingly just gotten better with age. Between him and fellow Cy Young candidate Gerrit Cole, it’s no wonder the Astros are such a force in the American League. My money’s on us getting to see some brilliant World Series outings for Verlander this season.


GIF of the Night

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