Closing Time 6/12: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday

Rick Graham's weekly Closers update is live for 6/12, ranking all 30 closer situations.

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It feels like every time I start to gain some confidence in Ken GilesI’m immediately let down as either he implodes on cue or A.J. Hinch decides to try out someone new in the 9th inning or some combination of both. This week it’s the combo option, as both Giles struggled and Hector Rondon has shot on to the scene to secure the Astro’s last three save chances, converting each one fairly easily. Hinch has hinted at it just being temporary, and just riding the hot hand which is Rondon, but the fact that this is even coming up again is certainly discouraging. If Hinch were forced to answer who will finish the year with the most saves, I’m sure Giles would be his answer, but as much as I’d like to believe that, at this point, it’s really tough to trust anything that happens with this bullpen. Expect them to be heavy in the reliever market near the deadline and I don’t usually like to speculate but I’m fully buying into them landed a talented lefty in either the Zach Britton or Brad Hand mold.

  • In other committee news, both Blake Parker and Ryan Tepera are moving up the board as both are looking safe for the time being as their respective team’s closers. Neither faces any real stiff competition, and I can’t imagine Roberto Osuna will be active anytime soon (maybe September?). Joakim Soria has regained the role he started the season with and has been excellent since doing so. My moneys still on him losing that job at some point, probably in the not too distant future. Chaz Roe was able to secure the Rays latest save chance and seems like the favorite for the time being for whatever that is worth. The Phillies bullpen situation is still very much a mess, with about five or six relievers all looking at seeing time in the 9th inning it feels like.
  • On the injury front, Zach Britton returned last night and while he won’t be thrown right back into the closer’s role, it should happen relatively quickly after he dominated his rehab. The Orioles will certainly try to boost his trade value as well, so I’d imagine he’ll be used often as long as he is looking healthy and back to form. Jeurys Familia was also placed on the DL last Friday with shoulder soreness, and while that’s never something you want to hear for a pitcher, it sounds like it’s of the minor variety. For now, Anthony Swarzak and Robert Gsellman will fill in as the Mets closer, with Swarzak getting the first crack Sunday. He’s worth a look if you are desperate for saves in the short term.
  • While Joakim Soria led the week by himself with 4 saves (yes, that really happened), Hector Rondon, Blake Parker, Cody Allen, Edwin Diaz and  Aroldis Chapman all wound up with 3 saves a piece.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

12 responses to “Closing Time 6/12: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday”

  1. Perfect Game says:

    I don’t know what to make of Cody Allen and his volatility the past month or so. Giving up too many HR’s too. Hasn’t been that great for the ERA. I have an opportunity to trade for Treinen and then trade Allen for another SP or hitter. After Allen’s last time out, I’m leaning towards doing it.

    My RP are Kimbrel, Jansen, Doolittle and Allen. I’m in a standard, season-long roto league (QS, K, SV, ERA, WHIP).

    Would you make that deal or hold Allen for better days ahead?

    • Rick Graham says:

      Depends on what the other moving parts are, but I don’t think you should be in any rush to make these moves. You’re set up pretty, pretty good as is.

      • Perfect Game says:

        I have 3 of my SP on the DL and only 2 DL slots (Thor, Stras, Kersh). Even if Thor comes back this weekend I need another until one of the others comes off the DL. My thoughts were to trade a hitter for Treinen and then trade Allen for a SP to fill in until then (other owner needs a closer)…if you believe Treinen is the better of the two closers ROS for saves and ratios.

        • Perfect Game says:

          Bump…need your sage advice, Rick.

        • Rick Graham says:

          I’d probably just focus on moving a hitter for a pitcher in that case, unless you can find someone really high on Allen and/or get Treinen for cheap. The two themselves probably have pretty similar value rest of season.

  2. Bravos says:

    Thoughts on dropping Knebel for Britton?

    • Rick Graham says:

      I’m not against it. Knebel’s usage is concerning and I think it’s more likely than not that wherever Britton is traded, he’ll get a chance to close.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Rick,
    Thinking about trying to target Knebel, but continue to see him slip each week on the list. Is he someone that is worth taking the risk on ROS as MIL looks to be competitive down the stretch, or is his slipping more due to how great Hader has been? Thanks!

    • Rick Graham says:

      The slip has more to do with just overall usage. Up until last nights game, he had been used in just two game (1 full inning) over the last two weeks. Seems like the Brewers may be concerned about something still.

  4. Matthew says:

    Drop Rodon for Britton?

  5. Erin says:

    Trying to upgrade Box to a guy like Allen. What kind of piece in a 12T H2H pts league would get me a solid upgrade?

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