Closing Time 6/4: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday

[closing_time_2019 list_id=”32096″ include_stats=”1″] Craig Kimbrel watch is officially back on now that the MLB draft has begun, with the latest rumors pointing to the Cubs, Braves, Twins, Rays, Phillies and...

[closing_time_2019 list_id=”32096″ include_stats=”1″]

  • Craig Kimbrel watch is officially back on now that the MLB draft has begun, with the latest rumors pointing to the Cubs, Braves, Twins, Rays, Phillies and Brewers as teams interested in his services. All six teams, all contenders, would be great for his fantasy value so assuming Kimbrel signs by the end of the week, we should see him return as a top 10 closer by the end of the month.
  • With Jordan Hicks getting pulled early from his most recent save chance, not to mention the emergence of John Gant plus the presence of Carlos Martinez in the bullpen, Hicks’ grasp on the closer role is seemingly on thin ice. I had originally ranked Shane Greene ahead of Hicks but now that we are in June, but it’s about time to start considering the trade deadline impact for relievers. I’d certainly give Hicks higher odds at holding on to the closer role than Greene staying with the Tigers. Outside of this recent rough patch, Hicks has been great this year and even has a lower FIP and xFIP than Greene. I’ll still take a chance on his upside still over Greene, who has about a 50/50 chance of closing after this year’s trade deadline. Starting with Greene and ending with Alex Colome, I can all four being dealt at the deadline.
  • Despite the Twins success, the team has had its struggles in the bullpen this season, and still don’t seem set on a closer. Blake Parker and Taylor Rogers each have 2 saves over the past month and neither one is doing much outside of the save department, which warrants ownership in 10-12 teamers at the moment. The team has also been linked to Craig Kimbrel, and clearly wants to upgrade their bullpen, so neither Rogers or Parker may be in position for save chances in about two months anyway.
  • In your weekly Red Sox closer update, Brandon Workman was the only Sox reliever to pick up a save this week and I suppose should be considered the favorite for saves for now.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

8 responses to “Closing Time 6/4: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday”

  1. Matt says:

    Strop higher or lower if (when) he replaces Cishek for the Cubs?

  2. Micah says:

    Great stuff as always, Rick! Which RPs would you stash now with expectations their opportunities for saves or holds will greatly increase over the next couple of weeks? (Deep 6×6 league so all closers and most of the obvious top handcuffs are already taken.)

    • Rick Graham says:

      Thanks Micah!

      Jimenez and Buttrey are my top two stashes but are probably taken I’d imagine.
      In a deeper league, I know the ERA is gross, but I think Wander Suero could be closing for the Nats at some point if they decide to move on from Sean Doolittle.
      Mark Melancon could come into value again in SF if they have a fire sale.
      Keep an eye on the White Sox relievers, maybe Fry or Vieira can make positive strides the next month or two.
      I could see Yoan Lopez getting save chances over Bradley or Hirano.
      Assuming Garrett is taken, Wright, Hernandez or Lorenzen in Cincinatti if the Reds try to get out of the remainder of Iglesias’s contract.

      • Micah says:

        Thanks! Would you drop Andrew Miller and/or Liriano for Herrera (or Evan Marshall, Fry, Vieira), Hirano, Suero, Dominguez (or Robertson), Familia, Soria, Bummer, Melancon (or Dyson), or Lorenzen. Mainly looking to stumble into some saves and decent ratios within the next couple of weeks. I have Iglesias and would like to handcuff him but the CIN pen seems so random.

        (Sorry for all the names but figured the more specific the better!)

  3. Alps says:

    Hey Rick
    Great article
    So with Davis coming back shortly
    I would dump Oberg
    Still Need saves though
    Who would you pick up
    Taylor Rogers
    John Gant

  4. Eric says:

    Is Kirby Yates and Mikolas too much for Boyd? 5×5 Roto with QS instead of wins.

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