Closing Time 7/10: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday

Rick Graham's weekly Closers update is live for 7/10, ranking all 30 closer situations.

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Without question the most disappointing news in the closer world this week comes out of Philadelphia and the fact that Victor Arano earned three more saves than Seranthony Dominguez. Now only one of these saves concerns me (the second one) as far as how the two were used, but even still, that outing could be justified as a strict matchup play rather than Kapler just preferring Arano to Seranthony. It’s still likely to be a frustrating ride with Seranthony going forward, as weeks like these will surely happen again, but there should also be times where he is the one getting 3 saves in a week, which combined with his elite ratios and K ability still keep him in must-own territory.

  • In committee news, Will Smith has now picked up the Giants past three saves and may be separating himself from the rest of the pack. As good as he has been this season, I’m still skeptical Bruce Bochy and co. plan on having him as the primary closer rest of season.
  • With Shane Greene returning soon, sooner than expected in fact, it puts a damper on Joe Jimenez’s value…for now. The good news for Jimenez owners is that Greene now gets a chance to prove he’s healthy prior to the trade deadline, and should be considered likely to switch teams.
  • Four relievers had 3 saves this past week and of course, Edwin Diaz was one of them. The other three were Corey Knebel, Fernando Rodney, and Victor Arano. Rodney has continued to exceed expectations on the year but with the Twins out of contention, he is all but guaranteed to be moved at the deadline.

Rick Graham

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17 responses to “Closing Time 7/10: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday”

  1. Chucky says:

    I know he’s not a closer, but has the shine worn off Hader?

    • Rick Graham says:

      Not yet but the other-wordly dominance he had shown earlier in the season has seemed to fade away. Still a must own in leagues that count holds, but in shallow mixed save leagues, I can’t blame you if you cut him lose.

  2. Diamond Cutter says:

    If Osuna we’re back and closing right now, where would he rank?

  3. U w0t m8 says:

    I know that he won’t get too many save opportunities playing for the Reds, but I still feel like Iglesias is ranked too low.

    • Rick Graham says:

      maybe, he probably belongs ahead of Britton with both being potential trade chips. I will say that the first 3 tiers, 1-19 are fairly close.

  4. Turp says:

    Will Smith – why are you still skeptical? Besides his awesome season so far, Bochy called on him for a save vs 3 RHB, and he killed it.

    • Rick Graham says:

      I like him a lot there are just more roadblocks to securing that role in San Francisco long-term compared to Philadelphia. Arano is good, but probably not closer quality throwing more than 50% sliders.

  5. Syryn says:

    Why is Seranthony 13th and Will Smith 27th? You speak about Seranthony’s steller peripherals but Will Smith’s are just as good. Compare the FIP/xFIP/SIERRA. Furthermore, Will Smith gets more K/9 and has a higher swgStr%. Overall just based on how well they have pitched alone I would say Will Smith has pitched better but we can call it a wash.

    We have seen how Philly’s bullpen is handled. Even if you have doubts on how the Giants handle their bullpen, which btw so far the last 3 outings (including just yesterday) it seems like Will Smith is clear 9th inning guy, can it be any worse than how Philly has handled there’s? I don’t see it, Will Smith has been entering 9th inning last 3+ times regardless of matchup. I would in fact say I’d rather have the Giants bullpen managing right now than how Philly manages. But if you want we can call both those situations a wash as well.

    But then how is one guy 27th and one guy 13th….

    • Rick Graham says:

      Good points. I really had no idea where to rank Smith since from what I’ve heard/read, the Giants keep indicating that when ready, Mark Melancon will close again. That could be next weekend or it could be next year, but it’s still a concern. Maybe Dyson gets another shot or we could even see Strickland regain the role when he comes back. Smith and Seranthony are having almost identical years and have similar value in SV+HD leagues, but I still feel like Seranthony is without a doubt the closer of now and the future whereas Smith is just an interim closer with a limited window.

  6. theKraken says:

    I don’t want anything to do with that PHI bullpen! Kapler is committed to being different just for the sake of being different.
    On another note (more productive), who of these closers is likely to be traded? That would be a worthwhile article on its own merit along with the handuff.

    • Rick Graham says:

      I was actually thinking about that as well. I’ll work on coming up with something that includes likelihood of being traded and who’s next in line. Of the top of my head, Britton, Iglesias, Barraclough, Greene, Rodney, Familia and Hand will likely be mentioned in rumors from now til July 31st.

    • Nukleball says:

      maybe Kapler is being different because being different is what’s working quite well. Old style thinking to believe pitchers need to work a particular inning only…

  7. David c. says:

    Who are your 2-3 fav. Handcuff rp in case of trade deadline deals? Closers in waiting!

  8. Perfect Game says:

    I dropped Allen after enduring his lackluster performance all season. His FIP and xFIP both indicate his ratios are unlikely to turn around this year. I’m actually looking closely at Rondon after Giles was sent to the minors since he’s available in my league. Rondon’s peripherals are fantastic (FIP, xFIP, SIERRA, K%, K-BB%) and he’s been getting most of the save opps for about a month now. He also has closer experience, so maybe the ‘Stros stick with him. What are you thoughts on him ROS and the saves totals he can accumulate.

    • Rick Graham says:

      Rondon will certainly get a boost next week with Giles out of the picture for now, but I don’t know if I’d put him in front of Allen just yet.

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