Closing Time 7/30: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday

[closing_time_2019 list_id=”34606″ include_stats=”1″] EDIT: Due to all the moves over the past 30 hours, I’ve updated the list for the week as of 5PM EST Wednesday.  It’s unclear if the...

[closing_time_2019 list_id=”34606″ include_stats=”1″]

EDIT: Due to all the moves over the past 30 hours, I’ve updated the list for the week as of 5PM EST Wednesday. 

  • It’s unclear if the Sergio Romo acquisition takes the Twins out of of the running for any of the other closers out there, but for now, it looks more and more likely Tyler Rogers is going to keep his job through the deadline. In what’s been the worst MLB season ever for relief pitchers, Rogers’ numbers certainly belong in the top 10.
  • I’m not in full-on panic mode with Craig Kimbrel just yet, but between the atrocious BB rate (15.7%) and his fastball velocity barely getting up to 95 MPH the past 3 outings, I am a little concerned that maybe he won’t be able to fully figure things out. The good news is the Cubs will likely give him a long enough leash that he would have to completely bottom out to lose his job, but for owners that have been waiting on him to perform all season, this has to be disappointing.
  • Ken Giles‘ elbow keeps acting up and has limited his usage as of late, which can’t be good for his odds of being traded tomorrow. If only he were to start seeing consistent save chances, he’d be a top 8 option. This also could very well be the last week we see Shane Greene and Alex Colome on this list. Both have mostly been linked to teams, not in need of a closer, but if you’ve been holding them up until this point, you might as well wait it out through Wednesday.
  • With Sergio Romo moving to Minnesota, this opens up the door for Nick Anderson to get save chances in Miami where despite the Marlins record, he should have some value to close out the season. Don Mattingly has refused to name anyone to the job yet, but Anderson has the best stuff out of anyone left in that bullpen.
  • Greg Holland was removed from the closer role in Arizona after a series of ugly appearances the past couple of weeks and can be dropped in most leagues at this point. Yoan Lopez figures to be the favorite to take on closer duties for now, but Yoshi Hirano could mix in as well. While he hasn’t missed a ton of bats this season, Lopez can still be a 3 category contributor moving forward and is worth the spec add in standard 12 teamers.
  • Jose Leclerc finally saw a save chance on Sunday, his first since early May, and obviously, he proceeded to pick up the blown save and loss. On the bright side, it was just the first time he had allowed more than 1 ER in 22 consecutive outings and only the second time he has walked 2 or more batter since May 9th. It would seem nerves got the best of him Sunday, but that may just be enough to close the book on him picking up any saves for the rest of 2019. Assuming he is healthy and not traded, Chris Martin should get any save chances until Shawn Kelley returns a week or two from now.
  • Nathan Eovaldi has been a disaster out of the bullpen so far, prompting the Sox to be more urgent in their search for a closer. They’ve been linked to just about every reliever on the market this deadline so I’d imagine they make a deal for someone by tomorrow night. For now, it’s still worth hanging on to Eovaldi and Brandon Workman through Wednesday’s deadline, but I ultimately expect the team to find an upgrade somehow.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

9 responses to “Closing Time 7/30: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday”

  1. Christopher says:

    To be fair to Leclerc, he pitched 4 out of 5 days before the BS, so it might have been less nerves and more fatigue.

    • Rick Graham says:

      True, but he’s been able to do that before without any problems. Could be a combination of both.

  2. digdeeper says:

    Nick Anderson is also supposedly on the block, Mattingly was talking up Trevor Richards as a closer candidate.

    • Rick Graham says:

      Yea I see that he mentioned Richards as someone who could step in eventually, but I think for now, Anderson is the guy to own.

      • AC says:

        With Richards and Anderson now with the Rays, any insights on how roles in the TB bullpen shake out? Anderson, Richards, Castillo, and Pagan all available in my 10 team H2H, and I need someone to replace Luke Jackson’s save opps. Are Givens/Eovaldi/Workman better adds than any of the Rays?

  3. Immaculate Inning says:

    Vazquez and Diaz have been heavily linked to the Dodgers. What happens to Jansen if they end up with either?

  4. Sam says:

    Jake Diekman is on the A’s now!

    • Rick Graham says:

      Good catch! Also now that Martin is headed to Atlanta, time to re-insert Leclerc into the closer role…

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