Closing Time 9/4: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday

Rick Graham's weekly Closers update is live for 9/4, ranking all 30 closer situations.

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  • With Cody Allen’s ERA still in the 4.50+ range and Brad Hand converting back to back save chances this past week, we may be at a point where this isn’t a committee anymore. It wouldn’t shock me to see Francona go back to Allen for the next chance but at this point, Hand is clearly the best guy to own in this bullpen.
  • Kenley Jansen looks likely to be held out of this weekends series at Colorado with the team worried the elevation was the cause of his most recent irregular heartbeat problem. Kenta Maeda will probably be the one called upon to close out games if this is the case.
  • Jose Alvarado continues to thrive in the Rays bullpen and is taking advantage of Sergio Romo’s mysterious extended absence. Romo hasn’t pitched since August 25th, two Saturdays ago, while Alvarado has gone on to record a pair of saves in that time. Romo must be dealing with some sort of injury here, but without knowing the severity, it’s tough to determine how saves will be dished out this month.
  • Blake Treinen racked up another 4 saves this past week, while Brad Boxberger and Wade Davis each had 3. After a brutal start to the month that saw his ERA rise over 5, Davis has been lights out over the past couple of weeks and looks like someone who can be safely locked into lineups once again.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

2 responses to “Closing Time 9/4: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday”

  1. theKraken says:

    I think Jeffress is going to lose some save ops to Soria. I would bet that they want Knebel to turn it around and jump in the mix as well. They just have so many options that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back off on the usage a bit.
    I would bet you that Kenley does travel to COL and that he will pitch this week. Jansen doesn’t seem like he wants to sit anything out. Who knows, but remember when people were saying he might be done for the year? Not that he should be higher, just saying…

    • Rick Graham says:

      Yeah, the Brewers bullpen situation is really frustrating for those in standard save only leagues but kind of a goldmine for save+hold leaguers. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Soria get involved but for now they seem to be riding Jeffress.

      I definitely think you are right in the fact Jansen is the type of competitor that doesn’t want to miss out on any big games no matter what, but the Dodgers have to feel the need to protect his long-term health and if Coors is causing problems for his heart, they will certainly be cautious. This would be a big weekend to miss, not just for himself and the Dodgers but a lot of fantasy owners either in the playoffs or playing to make it.

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