Corbin Burnes’ Slider and the Nastiest Pitches from 3/31

Donny Moskovits examines the eight nastiest pitches from the first slate of Sunday games this season, including Corbin Burnes' slider, Patrick Corbin's slider, and Chris Paddack's changeup.

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Corbin Burnes‘ Slider


Corbin Burnes, or Mr. Three-True-Outcomes as he will become known as soon enough, made his first MLB start today. And while he did give up his fair share of long balls, his slider managed to miss a ton of bats, helping him rack up 12 strikeouts. Here he is putting away Jose Martinez on an 89 mph breaking-ball.


Patrick Corbin’s Slider


Is Patrick Corbin worth every penny of that $140 million deal? Who knows? But this slider that fooled Robinson Cano makes me think Washington is pretty happy with him so far.


Sandy Alcantara’s Curveball


Sandy Alcantara wowed in his season debut, surrendering just four hits over eight innings pitched. Perhaps the Marlins’ young core of pitching can actually help them win some games this year. If this pitch that made Tony Wolters look like a little-leaguer is any indication, Marlins fans have a lot (OK, maybe not a lot) to look forward to this year.


Jon Gray’s Fastball


A notoriously inconsistent pitcher, Jon Gray performed … well, like himself Sunday. He surrendered three earned runs over 6.2 innings, but his 10 strikeouts, including the fastball above, continue to remind me why I love watching him pitch.


Trent Thornton’s Curveball


Trent Thornton, who made his MLB debut Sunday, was electric. He fanned eight batters over five innings and only allowed a meager two hits to a Detroit offense that hasn’t found its rhythm yet this season. Here he is getting Nick Castellanos out with a nasty curveball, the first of many to come.


Chris Paddack’s Fastball


Now come on, you didn’t think I could forget Chris Paddack? This guy has been hyped up on Pitcher List all offseason for crying out loud! Needless to say, he sure did not disappoint. Here he is getting his first career strikeout on Brandon Belt Sunday afternoon. The NL West better watch out because this kid is legit.


Chris Paddack’s Changeup


After getting Belt out, Paddack came right back at Brandon Crawford with a lethal changeup that is the stuff of a hitter’s nightmares. This was one of five changeups that Paddack threw as a knockout pitch Sunday (out of a total seven).


BONUS Throw ’em Out: Chris Paddack’s Changeup


OK, I’m sorry; one more everyone! He’s just so filthy, it’s not fair to these poor Giants hitters. Major credit goes to Austin Hedges for enhancing this GIF with an awesome “strike ’em out, throw ’em out” double play!

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