Craig Kimbrel’s Curveball vs. David Robertson’s Curveball

Craig Kimbrel's Curveball vs. Daniel Robertson's Curveball. Vote the winner of Nastiest Pitching GIFs of the Second Quarter 2018!

Normally we see stellar yackers from starting pitchers, but today we’re going to watch two stud relievers flex their sharp hooks in a bout of Curveballs. In the red corner, it’s Craig Kimbrel featuring his wipeout deuce that batters can’t handle often, here diving across the plate and well under the zone. In the blue corner, David Robertson has a curveball that looks like a strikeout for 90% of its delivery toward home, before it suddenly breaks into the ankles of Yangervis SolarteEach deserved their whiffs, but one will swing and miss today watching the other climb toward the top.

Craig Kimbrel’s Curveball vs. David Robertson’s Curveball

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