David Robertson’s Curveball + the Nastiest GIFs from Sunday’s Games

Check out Sunday's best pitches, including offerings from Adam Ottavino and Luis Castillo.

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David Robertson’s Curveball – Robertson roasted Toronto’s Yangervis Solarte to end this at-bat, throwing three straight knuckle curves. He crumpled him with the hook seen above, put one in the dirt, then froze him with a buckler for strike three.

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Jacob Nix’s Curveball – The Padres starter tossed some beautiful curves against the Rangers, bringing Robinson Chirinos to a knee and nearly causing Jurickson Profar to tear a muscle on this prodigious whiff.

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Dellin Betances‘ Curveball – Poor Yangervis. First Robertson demoralized him, then Betances hooked him on this eighth-inning whiff. For his part, Betances took the L, having given up a pair of runs in the inning—but he at least saved some face with this swing-and-miss.

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Ken Giles‘ Fastball – All right—enough of the bendy stuff. Time for some power. Giles punched it up to 100 mph with life to overpower Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez. The Jays closer has a 1.50 ERA over his last seven appearances with four saves.

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Luis Castillo’s Fastball – Castillo suffered from an odd lack of whiffability against the Cubs, picking up just five swings-and-misses. Still, his two-seamer looked fantastic against Ben Zobrist on this 97 mph looking strike.

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Adam Ottavino’s Cutter – Otto gave up a run while acting as the bridge to closer Wade Davis, but he put down Evan Longoria with some silly movement on this 88 mph cutter.

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Jordan Hicks’s Sinker – Even though the Cardinals rookie is known for regularly throwing 100-plus, this 104 mph fastball almost caused me to spit-take, as it somehow looks too fast for even the camera to fully pick up, never mind Yasiel Puig’s bat. Yikes.


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