Dazzlin’ Rookie Debuts

Oneil Cruz is in the majors. What has he missed?

Dugout Study Hall – Expert layman Matt Goodwin (@TheCorkedMatt) and fake baseball economist Alexander Chase (@chase_rate) talk a whole lot about rookies including rookie fWAR, rookie buy/sell, and much more! Please help us with a FIVE STAR RATING and a REVIEW wherever you listen and ENJOY!

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Episode Outline:

  • Warm-up: Oneil Cruz callup and major-league samples
    • Opposite forces from CBA / Pandemic
    • Have our expectations matched reality?
  • Number of the Week: 11.1 fWAR from rookie pitchers
    • Why have this year’s pitchers had less of an impact?
  • Case Study: Adapting on the fly
  • Rookie targets to believe in for redraft

Note: Episode recorded on 06/22/22

Alexander Chase

When he's not writing about baseball (and sometimes when he is), Alexander Chase teaches test prep and elementary through high school math. He loves Shohei Ohtani, Camden Yards, and the extra-innings ghost runner rule. Don't you?

One response to “Dazzlin’ Rookie Debuts”

  1. krsfaz says:

    The steps you talked about Torkelson taking, is it the same we’re seeing with Gavin Lux?

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