Eiji Sawamura & Catching No-Nos

Noah & Brandon explore the story of Eiji Sawamura.


Short Hops & Tall Tales

Brandon & Noah are back, and baseball is hot on their heels! They gear up for the upcoming season with a dive into more Japanese baseball history with the story of one of the greatest pitchers of all time— Eiji Sawamura. Then, they dive back into the pickle jar for more fun baseball slang, before a segment on rules: the new, the old, and the fun that could be. Listen now!




(01:28) Pickoff Trivia: Catching No-Hitters!

(04:39) Player Profile: Eiji Sawamura

(21:25) The Pickle Jar: “Fell Off the Table”

(23:04) Fun with Rules! We Promise!


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Noah Scott

Noah Scott is a long-suffering baseball writer and knuckleball connoisseur. If you want to talk old timey baseball names, traffic on the 405, or lukewarm hip-hop opinions you can find him on Twitter @noahascott6

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