Erik Kratz & Deivi García Hug and 6 Special Moments from Sunday

This year has seen a lot of different ways to celebrate.

Isn’t it weird that we are more than halfway done with this season? Well, unless you are a fan of the Phillies, Marlins or Cardinals. Anyway, let’s take a look at some heartwarming and funny moments from Sunday’s slate of games.


Erik Kratz & Deivi García’s Budding Bromance


It’s an unlikely pairing: Erik Kratz, the 40-year-old journeyman catcher, and Deivi García, the 21-year-old highly-touted pitching prospect. But those two shared a special moment on Sunday during the second game between the Yankees and Mets.

Kratz and García didn’t know each other for a long time—Kratz was playing college baseball for the Eastern Mennonite Royals before García was even born. When the Yankees signed García in 2015, Kratz was with the Mariners in the sixth season of his major-league career. Their paths crossed for the first time last year on the AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees, and their friendship blossomed further as members of the Yankees’ alternate site this year. Kratz has worked directly with the young arms in the Yankees system, and he said that García would be “ready to go” whenever he is needed.

That opportunity came on Sunday when García made his MLB debut. Kratz could not hide his excitement.

Perhaps since Kratz was behind the plate, García performed incredibly well, with 0 ER, 4 H, 6 K, and no walks over six innings.

After García’s 1-2-3 first inning, they had to express just how happy they both felt.

And after García finished his start, they went for a second round of hugs to show their thanks for each other again.

During the postgame interview, García told The Athletic’s Lindsey Adler that they had been calling each other “father” and “son” ever since they met in AAA. This bromance has apparently been brewing for years, and now it is finally out in the open for everyone to appreciate.


Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina’s Historic Bromance


Meanwhile, two long-time teammates of the Cardinals shared their own emotional embrace. Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina have been teammates on the Cardinals since ’05, and they’ve been through a lot. They are both in the twilight years of their careers, and although they are serviceable players they are also nowhere near as great as they were in their prime.

Sunday’s game against the Indians provided a nostalgic rewinding of time as Wainwright turned in a sparkling complete-game performance with 2 ER, 4 H, 2 BB and 9 K. Molina also had a good game, going 2-for-4 with an RBI. They celebrated Wainwright’s first complete-game performance in four years with their own hug.


Michael King Interrupts His Delivery With a Cartwheel


Just two days after Andrew McCutchen showed off his decades of dance choreography with a wicked spin move during the Phillies’ walk-off home run celebration, Michael King decided he also wanted to show off. It may not have been the best time for King’s half-hearted attempt at a cartwheel, what with being in the middle of throwing a pitch, but at least showed he that he’s a man of many talents.

This awkward attempt at a strike was one of the five slowest pitches thrown all year. However, this is the case only if you exclude Mariners’ infielder Tim Lopes, who currently has 11 of the top 15 spots on the slow pitch leaderboard


The Cubs Outfielders Throw a Home Run Party!


Wow, it seems like everyone in the MLB is in a very festive mood. The Cubs threw their own type of party on Sunday, but only the outfielders were invited.


Andrew McCutchen Picks Paper


Andrew McCutchen has been having fun lately as the Phillies’ offense has a 114 wRC+ on the season, tied for fifth-best. Yesterday, the Phillies attempted to come back from a 10-0 deficit, almost pulling it off, but losing 12-10. This comeback wouldn’t have been possible without McCutchen’s eighth-inning solo shot, which brought us this cool little moment between the third base coach and McCutchen.

In this socially-distanced season, the players have to find creative ways to celebrate as you can’t exactly give everyone a nice pat on the behind like you used to do. Apparently, Cutch has made these games of rock-paper-scissors a regular thing since spring training.

We are currently conducting advanced quantum analytics to determine who is winning this season series so far.


2020’s First Curtain Call


Though the Tigers fans are at home instead of in the stands, Miguel Cabrera knows that they will always be cheering him on. When Cabrera notched his 2,000th career hit as a Tiger, he felt all of the fans’ energy and rose up out of the dugout for a curtain call.


The Never-Ending Lore of Fredbird’s Many Chores 


Fredbird does have a lot of time on his hands, but at least he’s been productive! Over the past couple weeks, he’s been spotted ironing his shirts, taking a bath and doing his homework. Yesterday, he was seen helping the Busch Stadium cleaning crew by vacuuming up all the popcorn and peanut shells left behind.

Fredbird may be stuck in an empty nest, but at least he’s trying his best! Bird up, Fredbird!

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