FantasyDraft DFS Plays for September 29

Alex Drennan discusses the FantasyDraft DFS plays to make for Saturday, September 29th.

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Patrick Corbin will continue to roll tonight against the anemic Rockies.

9 Games- 7:05 PM ET

Must Play SP: Aaron Nola, PHI ($20,200) vs. ATL

Corey Kluber has the best matchup of all pitchers and is coming off of a dominant start against the White Sox, but with the playoffs looming I doubt Cleveland lets him go his usual 6+ innings. With that in mind, it’s between Aaron Nola and James Paxton for me. Nola has struggled keeping his ERA down lately, but with an extra day’s rest and it being his last game of the season in front of a home crowd, the last NOLA day of the season should be enjoyable.
Honorable Mention: James Paxton ($19,600)

Value SP: Steven Matz, NYM ($12,800) vs. MIA

It would be vintage Mets to get blown out in front of a sellout crowd celebrating David Wright, who is getting his final start at third base tonight. Like all Mets fan, I am full of hope I that I probably should’nt have in the first place. The Marlins were the worst team facing left handed pitching this season, Matz has pitched well over the last month, and for the first time in a while the Mets will have a memorable night for the Wright reasons.
Honorable Mention: Zack Godley ($12,300)

IF: Anthony Rendon, WAS ($10,100) @ COL (Jon Gray)

Among players with at least 10 plate appearances over the last 7 days, Anthony Rendon ranks 9th in wRC+. If you look in a more tight parameter of 20 plate appearances minimum, Rendon ranks 4th. Looking at a larger sample sizes tells me two things:
1) There’s more consistency to his play, so it’s safer to bet on his production over someone like Matt Wieters
2) He’s not getting benched like other players have down the stretch
Playing at Coors is always nice for your stat lines too.
Honorable Mention: Paul Goldschmidt ($9,300)

OF: Christian Yelich, MIL ($11,100) vs. DET (Daniel Norris)

Will this man ever cool off? He’s been a staple recommendation of mine throughout the second half of the regular season, but when the guy’s had a 1.193 OPS in the second half, can you really get annoyed with how often his name pops up? Of late, he’s been on more of a tear than usual, coming in with a 1.663 OPS over his last 34 plate appearances. Even if he doesn’t hit, he’ll get on base just fine, as he’s drawn 5x as many walks as he’s struck out in the same sample size.
Honorable Mention
: David Dahl ($10,800)

Value Hitter: David Wright, NYM ($6,300) vs. MIA (Trevor Richards)

I don’t know how long they’ll keep him in the game, nor is there a sample size of recent play to gauge how he’ll play today. What’re the odds he goes 0-for in his last game? What’re the odds one of Miami’s pitchers grooves him a pitch because the game doesn’t matter anyway and there’s no reason to dislike David Wright? The latter is less likely than the former, but the last game of Jeter’s career ended strong, so I’m hoping it does for Wright as well. If it doesn’t, you didn’t pay much for it anyway.
Honorable Mention: Kole Calhoun ($6,700)

Stack: Colorado Rockies vs. Washington Nationals (Stephen Strasburg)

The Rockies have taken the division lead from the Dodgers, so they’ll be looking to close out the deal with another win. The players are not cheap because Coors is a haven for hitters, but you know they won’t get pulled early and you also know they’ll be playing with a purpose. Get as many in as you can, even with Strasburg on the mound for Washington. 
Honorable Mention: Oakland A’s @ Los Angeles Angels

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Alex Drennan

Alex is a self-proclaimed rational Mets fan, yet he buys into the team's false hope every April. He's usually disappointed by mid-May.

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