Fenway Had a Fan and 4 Wild Things from Sunday

We had our first attendee at an MLB game this year!

Attendance at Fenway Park: 1


Well, it only took about 50 games, but we finally had our first person in attendance at an MLB game. While football teams are allowing fans in by the thousands (the Dallas Cowboys had over 21,000 attend their home opener today), MLB has remained conservative and not allowed any fans at the game. That is, until today at Fenway, when one resourceful fan made his way onto the Green Monster, with plenty of merch for everyone in his section. The cameraman clearly had no idea what to do, and chose wisely to ignore him and just let him do his thing. I hope he brought enough hats for everyone.


Erik Kratz Might Have a Second Career


It’s always fun when position players get to pitch. Most of them have a very good sense of humor about it and will poke fun at their teammates while on the mound. Perhaps they’ll mimic someone’s delivery or pre-pitch routine, but they at least have some fun with it, since they know they aren’t very good pitchers. Erik Kratz, though, is a good pitcher, or at least, he found out today that he could be. Look at that disgusting knuckleball! That thing never rotated, that’s the dream for any knuckleballer! I’m only partially joking when I say he could try his hand at being a knuckleballer if he wants to extend his career. He doesn’t quite have the command down yet though.


Phillie Phanatic and his Jumbo Popcorn


Anyone who says that the Phillie Phanatic isn’t the best mascot in baseball is just a damn liar. I hope he was able to get another bag of popcorn. I gotta say, it looked pretty suspicious that he just toppled over and spilled his popcorn everywhere. I think that baby pushed him over.


Billy the Marlin Isn’t Having as Much Fun


I’m sure he’d be happier if he had some popcorn. Or if the Marlins could score a run.

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