First Pitch Podcast 5/11/19

Tune in daily to be updated on news, injuries, pickups to consider, and today's streamers.

Welcome to the First Pitch Podcast! The morning fantasy baseball podcast where hosts Nick Pollack and Alex Fast detail everything you need to know to update your fantasy baseball team. Tune in daily to be updated on news, injuries, pickups to consider, and today’s streamers.

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Alex Fast

An FSWA award winner for Research Article of the Year, Alex is the co-host of On The Corner and host of the weekend edition of First Pitch. He received his masters in interactive telecommunications from NYU's ITP. All opinions are Alex's and Alex's alone. A die-hard Orioles fan, Alex is well versed in futility and broken pitching prospects.

One response to “First Pitch Podcast 5/11/19”

  1. Brad R says:

    Alex, i love the weekend fast pitch because I’m that nerd that loves Trivia. Zimmerman was an interesting one but I have a correction.

    There are FOUR guys that have done it with their current team. Miggy has 328 bombs for the Tigers.

    If you had worded it as guys who had 250 home runs on the team they’re on and they’ve been on that team their whole career, then it’s only those three you mentioned because funny enough, they’ve all been on one team their whole career

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