First Pitch Podcast 7/27/19

Tune in daily to be updated on news, injuries, pickups to consider, and today's streamers.

Welcome to the First Pitch Podcast! The morning fantasy baseball podcast where hosts Nick Pollack and Alex Fast detail everything you need to know to update your fantasy baseball team. Tune in daily to be updated on news, injuries, pickups to consider, and today’s streamers.

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Dave Cherman

Across the Seams Manager, also a former player and umpire and New York-based lawyer who spends his free time studying advanced statistics and obsessing over fantasy trades. Will debate with you about most anything.

3 responses to “First Pitch Podcast 7/27/19”

  1. Aaron says:

    U have to have the most boring podcast voice I ever fast is 2nd Pollack is very listen to able?lol. I was thinking to better your info u should have one or three very informed guys have a hitting podcast everyday. Even if none are specialists like Nick on pitching. At least we get three different above average opinions. Even if it might be hard to listen to. The info is more important so I’ll def listen to that.reason I say that is because when Nick speaks on pitching in a podcast… He doesn’t just say oh this guy has these stats and that’s why I like him. He says these are the reasons that I like him without speaking other words elevates fastball well and breakers are right outside the zone to make u chase. He talks fb velocity. There has to be something u guys can do to get on that level as well with hitting. It will turn pitcher into The I chat everyday with other guys who take this seriously and because of the knowledge Nick throws out there I’m usually the one who knows the most. Which is funny cuz I haven’t watched baseball in 3 seasons lol. So I know where the credit is deserved. I respect your hitting advice and stats behind it but I think listening to a podcast everyday on hitting would help us understand EXACTLY what your looking at when u look at hitting production. Seriously everyday as far as put Hing I hear where are u getting your info from? From the most respectable baseball minds in the chatroom. And I’m like damn I went from 0-100 real Drake reference get up on my game lol. But seriously I think u guys have the potential to be the best possible podcasting site for all of baseball and I would love to see/support that but I need a hitting podcast just like the first pitch podcast. U don’t need a guy like Nick on pitching but 3 heads are better than one for now….I think true baseball heads will respect it and the other guys…. Well what u worried about them for?
    Go Yanks

    • Dave Cherman says:

      Thanks Aaron. What’s harder about that is that with a pitcher, you can watch a start and there is a ton of data there but with hitting, there’s just WAY more data inputs. This guy chased 3 sliders away yesterday but that may mean nothing. We just need more than a single day’s inputs in order to evaluate hitting. So Jon Metzelaar and I discuss hitters every week or so and we find that more data makes things easier to evaluate rather than every day.

  2. Aaron says:


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