First Year Auctions

All things first year auctions.

Keep or Kut – Pete (@PeteBBaseball) and Chad (@chadyoung) talk all things Ottoneu First Year Auctions. From what players Pete and Chad might want to be targeting, to their favorite formats on Ottoneu, this episode serves as a nice starter kit for first year auctions.

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3:16 – The Michael Brantley Episode!

8:55 – Starting up an Ottoneu league: format options, settings, and scheduling an auction

20:08 – First year auction strategies

28:41 – Who are Pete and Chad targeting to provide their team with some financial flexibility because the price seems right? Chad starts things off with Josh Naylor and Vinnie Pasquantino.

35:52 – Pete isn’t so excited about any particular player in this regard, but he wants to be opportunistic at attacking particular tiers for certain positions.

43:23 – Who are the pitchers Pete wants to attack? One of the top 7!

45:53 – Chad seems to have some tepid interest in Carlos Rodón to bank some value in auctions.

50:55 – Chad shares his Top 20 overall rankings for Ottoneu points leagues, and a conversation about the tiers follows. Is Mike Trout still a top 20 player?

1:00:58Shohei Ohtani… how are we valuing him? Is being UTIL-only too detrimental to roster construction?

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Pete Ball

Pete Ball is a graduate of Emmanuel College and a die-hard Red Sox fan. Most of his work for Pitcher List can be heard, not read, on the Keep or Kut Podcast. Download and listen to hear his undying love for Tanner Houck.

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