Former Pumpkins, Future Pumpkins?

Matt and Alexander talk pitching and pumpkins.

Dugout Study Hall – Expert layman Matt Goodwin (@TheCorkedMatt) and fake baseball economist Alexander Chase (@chase_rate) talk about summer, Pitcher Bot’s Cameron Grove and some analysis around pitch usage, which pumpkins have been good and so much more! Please help us with a FIVE STAR RATING and a REVIEW wherever you listen and ENJOY!

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Episode Outline:

  • Summer plans
  • Pitcher Bot Tweets
    • Teams getting better at having players throw their best pitches
    • Which teams are better at developing pitching talent
  • Pumpkins who have been good (and will they go back to being pumpkins?)

Note: Episode recorded on 06/29/22

Matt Goodwin

Husband. Dad. Teacher. Writer. Podcaster. Baseball Fan. Quippy. Makes up words. FSWA. IBWAA.

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