Gerrit Cole’s Everything and the Nastiest Pitches from Rays-Astros Game 5

John Vaghi breaks down the nastiest pitches from Thursday's game, including Gerrit Cole's entire arsenal and Chaz Roe's slider.

Every morning, we review the nastiest pitches from the previous day’s games in glorious high-definition GIFs. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pitch and check back this weekend to see if it will be in contention for the Nastiest Pitches of the Season GIF Tournament. Did we miss your favorite pitch? Send us a tweet next time @PitcherList, and we’ll GIF it up and give you a shoutout here in the article.

Before we start, I want to make this clear: If Gerrit Cole wasn’t considered to be the best starting pitcher RIGHT NOW, last night’s game elevated/cemented him in that spot.


Gerrit Cole’s Curveball


Cole’s arsenal is electric (as you’ll see). He’s got 100 mph heat, a true 12-6 curve, a disappearing change, and an upper-echelon slider. If there are any Pirates fans reading this, I am truly sorry⁠—this guy lived up to his first overall billing. This pitch to Kevin Kiermaier was Cole’s 106th of the night (his second-to-last batter). Here we see the definition of “the bottom dropping out.”


Gerrit Cole’s Changeup


This is a premium changeup, located perfectly after busting a fastball on the inner half. This thing must’ve looked an 80 mph lefty slider. Just flat unhittable for a left-handed hitter.


Gerrit Cole’s Fastball


This was his 100th pitch of the night. What the heck, man? 99 on the black with movement after a couple of breaking balls. Hitters need to be so locked in against Cole to even touch this.


Chaz Roe’s Slider


We in the Nastiest Pitches lab love Chaz Roe. He is an endless supply of nasty pitches. Now that his team is dead, we are sad. See you next year, sweet prince.


GIF of the Night


Which was your favorite pitch? Vote below, and the winner might be featured in the Nastiest Pitches of the Season GIF Tournament.


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