Greinke Is An Open Book And 7 Terrific Things From Thursday

Compliments, imperfect slides, lost belts, and honors for The Franchise

Hey, first off everybody: thank you for the positive reaction to last week’s recap, I’m so happy and proud to be part of a community that appreciates not just sticking to sports. Also, if you haven’t yet, please read Gabe’s article from Sunday. Just because the MLB schedule is back to usual doesn’t mean we can forget about the bigger picture.

So with the sappy and serious stuff out of the way, it is indeed time to once again discuss the wild world of Thursday night baseball!


Compliments Of Zack


2020 is clearly the year of Zack Greinke and we’re all just along for the ride. Most notably, he’s been calling his own pitches from the mound without even the least attempt at secrecy. Last night he continued his streak of sportsmanship by complimenting Elvis Andrus for laying off a nice changeup:

Unfortunately for Elvis, Greinke didn’t take any mercy on him and got him swinging at a 70mph slow curve two pitches later, but at least he knew he impressed one of if not the most gloriously weird guy in the game. As the Astros booth said during this at-bat “Not understanding Zack Greinke is part of his MO.”


The Full Fan Experience?


CB Bucknor made some moves in the stands last night during the Cubs/Pirates game, as he apparently didn’t much care for the peanut gallery’s opinions of his strike zone.


I’m reminded of when Stephen Strasburg got straight-up ejected from the stands at Citi Field for the same offense, and while I guess I get it, I still think the players who are in the stands should be allowed to yell all the same stuff a fan would! We gotta maintain that atmosphere! And Steven Brault is just as surprised by the situation as I am:




Slide drills were always my absolute least favorite part of baseball practice. I was slow and unathletic so usually, it just meant I ended up beating the crap out of my legs and hips. But I would gladly take that over the outcome of this Jose Altuve slide:

Lead with the feet, Jose!


A Quick Turner-round


Did you guys know that Trea Turner is really fast? It’s true! Check it out:

Personally I would have preferred Trea just glide across the plate without the slide, it’s always more impressive that way. But mostly I would also like to point out that when the shared and total commentary on your outfield play is “He jumps…and he shouldn’t have” and “Uh oh, uh oh!” you’re in for a bad time.


Hold Up Juan


The bottom of the inning following Trea’s HR got off to a bit of a false start, as everybody stepped in, the cameras switched focus and then…everybody got up and walked away

The mystery was thankfully solved without delay:

Why do I keep writing about players’ belts? It’s a weird year. Anyway, The bottom of the 3rd inning in Philadelphia was slowed down a little bit as Juan Soto jogged out late from the dugout, seemingly wearing a brand new pair of pants and sans belt. He was clearly in a hurry, as even once he got into position in the outfield he was still finishing up the knots on his cleats.

It was all for naught as Rhys Hoskins immediately belted one into the stands over Juan’s head. Do you see what I did there?!


Hoskins Puts Some English On It


Sticking with our combo Philadelphia/Hoskins theme, I would love to see the Statcast numbers on the spin rate here as Rhys Hoskins turned a foul ball into a spinning top.

I realize it’s already September and we’re getting holiday creep more and more every year, but it’s not even Labor Day Rhys! You can’t start bringing out the dreidels and Hanukkah themed stuff until at least after Thanksgiving!


Barreto Uses His Noggin


…but not in a good way as he lays down a bunt that immediately hits him right on the head.

Upon replay, it appeared that Franklin Barreto did in fact still have one foot in the batter’s box, which means that it likely should have been called a dead ball, but that’s a much less noteworthy play.

If you’re wondering how to score that one at home, Gameday says it’s “Batter Interference,” which just seems like it’s adding insult to injury.

Say it with me folks: NEVER. BUNT.


Turning Back The Clock For Tom


On Wednesday the sport lost a legend, when we found out that Hall Of Famer Tom Seaver passed away at the age of 75. The Mets were playing in Baltimore that night, so it was on Thursday that they got to honor Tom Terrific as a team.

In addition to the daub of dirt on every player’s knee, Citi Field’s scoreboard was done up to look like the old one from Shea Stadium

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