Injury Report 4/5

Jeff Davis provides an update in today's edition of the Injury Report.

Trea Turner Right D2 Fracture


Trea Turner hit the IL with a fractured right index finger. This sounds less complicated than the fracture sustained by Daniel Murphy as Turner’s fracture is noted to be nondisplaced, and there is no discussion of tendon damage. However, it is unfortunate that this fracture is on Turner’s throwing hand. He is likely to miss about six weeks with this injury, though he should return to his pre-injury state without concern.

Estimated return: Mid- to late May.


Marcell Ozuna Right Side Tightness


Marcell Ozuna has missed time this week because of “side tightness.” I have seen this hypothesized as either an oblique strain or an intercostal strain. My guess is the oblique, but either condition would be unfortunate for Ozuna. Right side is encouraging as oblique injuries to the back side when batting are a bit less debilitating than the front side. Ozuna underwent an MRI on Thursday, and we should find out the diagnosis at some point today.

Estimated return: Mid-May.


Corey DickersonRight Posterior Shoulder Strain


Corey Dickerson has been placed on the 10-day IL with what is being described as a right posterior shoulder strain of an unknown grade. Without knowing the severity, it is hard to tell exactly how much time Dickerson is likely to miss, but even a minor strain will probably equate to a month’s absence.

Estimated return: Mid-May.


Miguel Andujar — Right Glenoid Labrum Tear


Miguel Andujar is on the IL attempting conservative treatment for a small tear of his right labrum. While Andujar will miss at least a month with rest and a likely PRP injection, I don’t believe that he will entirely avoid surgery. The glenoid labrum does not heal effectively or evenly and can often cause compounding issues. I suspect Andujar will undergo shoulder surgery at some point in 2019. Unfortunately, this is Andujar’s throwing shoulder, which will increase recovery time significantly.

Estimated return: Will undergo checkup in approximately two weeks. Could return in May, though surgery is the more likely outcome.


Giancarlo Stanton Left Biceps Strain


Giancarlo Stanton has been placed on the 10-day IL with a Grade 1 strain of his left biceps. Stanton will be shut down for approximately 10 days before looking to resume baseball activities. Given this is a Grade 1 strain, Stanton has a reasonable shot of returning around the start of May.

Estimated return: Early-May.

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a healthcare professional with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Jeff coaches pitching at the high school level.

5 responses to “Injury Report 4/5”

  1. Hank Chen says:

    Just found out that Marcell Ozuna is in the lineup today, batting fourth. Very strange.

    • Jeff Davis says:

      Odd. I guess that tells us how the MRI ended up.

      Seems weird to me to not rest a guy the day after you sent him for imaging…

    • Barrett says:

      Saw unconfirmed confirmation that he was experiencing tightness from a Spring Training HBP. Guess it’s a contusion that lingered. Here’s hoping…

  2. Play Ball says:

    When you say “estimated return” does that mean the time a player resumes baseball activities, rehab assignments, etc. or back with the big club and playing?

    • Jeff Davis says:

      It is aimed at a return to full play. In order to reach that date or time period I take general recovery protocol, individual factors, and positional demands into consideration.

      For some, like Andujar, where an upcoming appointment/medical can drastically change the return I’d rather list that than take a guess between two very different outcomes.

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