Injury Report – 4/8

Jeff Davis provides an update in today's edition of the Injury Report.

Tyler Flowers Right Hand Injury


Tyler Flowers was struck on the right hand by a pitch. Flowers underwent two rounds of X-rays, which did not indicate any fractures. Should this remain to be the case, Flowers should be able to return to normal duties within a few days. There is the small chance that Flowers has a carpal fracture. The carpals are two rows of irregular bones that are bound tightly by ligaments in the hand/wrist. Sometimes, depending on the location of the fracture, X-rays are not sufficient to diagnose, as they are not able to discern a fracture that is held together closely by ligaments. This is definitely not the likely scenario, but just something I wanted to highlight. For this to be the case with Flowers, he would remain out until the latter half of this week and an MRI would be completed to help to identify. For now, expect Flowers back around the second half of the week.

Estimated return: ~April 11.


Mike Clevinger Back Tightness


Mike Clevinger left his Sunday start early due to reported back tightness. Clevinger has stated he expects to make his next start.

Estimated return: Expected to make scheduled start on April 13.


Jake Lamb – Left Quad Strain


Jake Lamb has been placed on the IL with a grade-2 left quad strain. The provided timetable of six weeks appears to be appropriate — I would put the long end of the timetable at eight weeks.

Estimated return: Mid-to-late May.


David Dahl – Left Side Tightness


David Dahl left Sunday’s game after a swing and miss resulted in pain in his left side. This has the potential to be an oblique strain, which Dahl has struggled with in the past. If this is some mild tightness, Dahl could bounce back after a week or so. If this is a grade-1 oblique strain, we’re looking at about a four week absence. Grade 2 will increase that absence to six to eight weeks. I’m guessing we’re at grade 1 and Dahl will return at some point in May.

Estimated return: Mid-May.


Ryan McMahon – Left Elbow Sprain


Ryan McMahon is on the IL with what has been described as a left elbow sprain as well as an elbow hyperextension. There is no clear timetable at this point as our diagnosis isn’t entirely clear. For now, I’d expect a two week absence — if we hear of any structural damage to the elbow that timetable will increase dramatically.

Estimated return: Late-April.

Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a healthcare professional with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Jeff coaches pitching at the high school level.

2 responses to “Injury Report – 4/8”

  1. Chucky says:

    Any word on Story? Took a foul off his shin/calf yesterday and was removed in the blowout.

  2. Casey says:

    Hey Jeff, any thoughts on when we can realistically expect to see Clevinger back? The team isn’t saying 6-8 weeks to even pick up a ball. How much additional time do you see it taking on top of that before we see him pitching again?

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