Injury Report – 5/13

Jeff Davis provides an update in Monday's edition of the Injury Report.

Hello and welcome to the Injury Report!

This roundup is a biweekly article, published on Mondays and Fridays, where I aim to detail approximately five relevant injuries that have occurred over the past few days or provide an update on the injury of a prominent MLB player. I will try to incorporate the available information as well as my own knowledge and experience to approximate a return date in each case, noting the individual characteristics of the injuries and of the players themselves.

If you have questions regarding an injury not detailed in this article, feel free to comment below, and I will give my best effort to provide a timely update.


Anthony Rizzo – Low Back Tightness


Anthony Rizzo has frequent yet minor instances of back tightness that act up on him every so often. Last year was the first time Rizzo was pushed to the DL due to his back, missing 11 days total. In 2017 Rizzo missed one day, and he missed three days total over two separate periods in 2016. This is likely another minor bought of back tightness that won’t keep Rizzo out for too long.

Estimated return: Likely to return at the mid-point of this week.


Jose Altuve – Left Hamstring Strain


Jose Altuve hit the IL with a left hamstring strain—the grade was not reported. The Astros often downplay injuries, leading to confusion when extended absences occur. They also infrequently share details regarding degree of an injury. This was detailed as “hamstring discomfort” and the team waited to see if Altuve could play on Saturday and Sunday, so there is a chance this is a Grade 1 strain leading to an absence of two-to-four weeks.

Estimated return: End of May or early-June.


Ryan Braun  – Hamstring Discomfort


Ryan Braun tweaked his hamstring and was held out of the lineup on Saturday and Sunday. A decision has not been made regarding his status for tonight, but it at least seems possible as an IL stint isn’t currently indicated. Braun frequently misses a few games per year due to lingering back and calf issues, but the hamstring has not held him out in his recent past. In general, Braun seems to be able to return in roughly three days when he does need to miss a few games.

Estimated return: Likely to return at the mid-point of this week.


Nelson Cruz – Left Wrist Injury


Nelson Cruz left Sunday’s game following an awkward swing-and-miss in which his left hand came off the bat. He detailed the injury in an interview as a wrist injury and is set for an MRI today. The swing itself didn’t seem to be a cause for injury—I have a feeling this was something pre-existing that Cruz has been dealing with that was exacerbated by this swing. Cruz was seen in the dugout pointing and tracing up the length of his hand. We’ll know more after the MRI today, but he may hit the IL.

Estimated return: MRI today will inform timetable, but IL is a possibility.


Tyler Glasnow – Right Forearm Strain


Tyler Glasnow has been placed on the IL and is expected to miss four-to-six weeks due to a mild right forearm strain. An MRI conducted on his right elbow did not indicate UCL damage and no need for surgery (such as Tommy John) has been identified. We’ll have a better idea of a return date once he returns to a throwing program, but for now it is probably safe to stick on the long-end of the four-to-six week timetable provided.

Estimated return: Late-June.

Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a healthcare professional with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Jeff coaches pitching at the high school level.

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