Injury Report – 5/24

Jeff Davis provides an update in Friday's edition of the Injury Report.

Hello and welcome to the Injury Report!

This roundup is a biweekly article, published on Mondays and Fridays, where I aim to detail approximately five relevant injuries that have occurred over the past few days or provide an update on the injury of a prominent MLB player. I will try to incorporate the available information as well as my own knowledge and experience to approximate a return date in each case, noting the individual characteristics of the injuries and of the players themselves.

If you have questions regarding an injury not detailed in this article, feel free to comment below, and I will give my best effort to provide a timely update.


Khris Davis – Left Hip and Oblique Injuries


Khris Davis is day-to-day, nursing concurrent hip and oblique injuries to his left side. I anticipate an IL stint being required to provide the rest he needs to return to full duties. For a guy who steps in the bucket, he needs his hips to fire in order to generate power. This can cause increased strain on this hip and oblique, which is likely the root of our soreness at this point. Further, it will be very difficult to allow these injuries to heal without sufficient rest. An MRI was completed on Wednesday morning, which I don’t think will indicate anything major, though it will be enough to put him on the IL for a few weeks.

Estimated return: Mid-June.


Andrelton Simmons – Left Ankle Sprain


Andrelton Simmons hit the IL following a drastic left ankle inversion sprain, which has been rated as Grade 3. Typical recovery from a Grade 3 ankle sprain involves immobilization via cast or splinting and typically takes eight to 12 weeks before sport activity can be resumed, so we’re likely looking at at least 12 weeks, factoring in a rehab assignment.

Estimated return: August. 


Charlie Blackmon – Right Calf Injury


Charlie Blackmon fouled a ball off his right calf on Thursday, an injury that he exacerbated at some point playing the field. The ball struck Blackmon’s protective padding but still was able to leave some sort of lasting injury and appears to have caused some inflammation at the site. Consider him day-to-day until additional information is provided.

Estimated return: Early next week.


J.D. Martinez – Back Soreness


To compound his absence due to illness, J.D. Martinez is dealing with back soreness. He is considered day-to-day and may even be in the lineup on Friday.

Estimated return: Late this week or early next week.


David Peralta – Shoulder Soreness


David Peralta is day-to-day battling right shoulder soreness. This isn’t the sort of injury to keep him out for an extended period, though since it is his front shoulder it may sap his power for a week or two. Expect Peralta to return to the lineup but perhaps not contribute as normal for a brief period.

Estimated return: Late this week or early next week.

Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a healthcare professional with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Jeff coaches pitching at the high school level.

4 responses to “Injury Report – 5/24”

  1. Kris says:

    What do you make of the Wade Davis injury news? Was hoping to see a little blurb about him hitting the IL

    • Ryan D says:

      Same here. He was dropped in my 12T SV only league and I scooped him up.

      • Jeff Davis says:

        I answered the above comment and I’m writing here hoping that you’re notified of that reply. :)

    • Jeff Davis says:

      The left oblique for a right handed pitcher undergoes a lot of stress and a minimum IL stay isn’t the likely outcome here. Reports have stated that it’s a minor strain which is great, but he’s still likely out until the second half of June. Note that since we don’t need which day he actually injured it (it sounds like it may have been during a workout or bullpen) or if he continued to pitch through it our timetable is very much an estimate at this point.

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